January 2022 eNews

The ANS Mourns the Loss of Harvey G. Stack

The ANS mourns our long-time friend and generous benefactor, Harvey G. Stack. He joined the Society in 1969 and was elected as Fellow in 1983. We had the privilege of honoring him at the 2009 Annual Gala Dinner. Read the obituary provided by the Stack Family.

Upcoming News and Announcements

Learning about Cicero, Caesar and Vergil via Coins

On Saturdays, February 12–26 at 2PM ET, the New York Classical Club and the American Numismatic Society will present Learning about Cicero, Caesar and Vergil via Coins with Dr. Lucia Carbone, ANS Assistant Curator of Roman Coins. These three workshops will present the interaction between literary and non-literary—in this case, numismatic—representations of power in Rome’s Late Republic and Early Empire. This event is open to members of the ANS and NYCC only. Register.
ANS Lyceum: Judean and Biblical Numismatics

On Wednesdays, February 9–March 16 at 1PM ET, ANS Vice President and Adjunct Curator David Hendin will present an interactive series of lessons on Judean and Biblical numismatics. Register. 
The ANS Sponsors Travel Grants for the XVIth International Numismatic Congress

We are proud to announce travel grants for up to eight attendees of the 2022 International Numismatic Congress who are current members of the ANS in good standing. Convened every six years, the International Numismatic Congress is a regular assembly of numismatic scholars, curators, and researchers who come together to discuss new and current research in the field of numismatics. . Apply.
Guide to Biblical Coins (6th Edition) is now available for purchase

The sixth edition of David Hendin’s Guide to Biblical Coins is now available for purchase. New to the sixth edition is numismatic information about the Kingdom of Adiabene, the Ituraean Kingdom, the Roman Governors of Syria, and coins with images of Old Testament stories. Details and purchase information
The Bibliothèque nationale de France and the British Museum contribute to OCRE

The Bibliothèque nationale de France has added more than 8,000 coins into Online Coins of the Roman Empire. This represents their collection of imperial coinage from Augustus to Trajan, with a portion of Hadrian and Carus to Diocletian. More of the imperial collection will be added to OCRE as it is digitized and made accessible online.

About 600 photographed gold coins from the British Museum with Roman Imperial Coinage, Volume 10 references have been added to Online Coins of the Roman Empire. Many of these contributions represent the only photographed example of a coin type. Many thanks to British Museum curator Richard Abdy for providing the data. More…
The Swiss National Museum joins Nomisma.org 

The Swiss National Museum (SNM) joins the Nomisma.org Linked Open Data cloud, making more than 8,500 coins available in various online Greco-Roman type portals. Most notably, 8,000 of these coins have been incorporated into the Online Swiss Coin Archive (OSCAR) project. OSCAR is a type corpus of all coinage produced in Switzerland from the end of the Roman Empire to today. With the SNM’s contribution, about 40% of all types are illustrated with at least one photographic example. The look and feel of this project is identical to the ANS’s portals due to the SNM’s adoption of the Numishare platform developed by ANS Director of Data Science, Ethan Gruber.
February Long Tables

First up, Dr. Anna Accettola, Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies at Bucknell University and ANS Summer Seminar Alumna, will delve into the numismatic iconography of a Roman magistrate in 58 BCE; followed by Dr. Ellen Feingold, Curator of the Smithsonian’s National Numismatic Collection, who will discuss the upcoming exhibition, Really BIG Money; the next week will be hosted by Professor Jane DeRose Evans of Temple University; and finally, ANS Associate Member Mike Markowitz will guide a discussion on coins in the works of William Shakespeare.

January in Review

David Hendin Accepts the 2022 Trustees' Award
The 2022 Annual Gala Dinner

On January 13, the ANS honored David Hendin with the 2022 Trustee’s Award at the Harvard Club of New York City. Thank you to everyone who supported the 2022 Gala—whether you could attend in person or not. Your contributions to the ANS are deeply appreciated. In honor of this event, the ANS commissioned a short film by Pascal Perich that asked a group of our friends and members with various numismatic backgrounds and interests what brought them to numismatics and to the ANS. 
Paying Attention: Images of Monuments on Roman Imperial Coins

On January 29, Professor Francesco de Angelis discussed representations of architecture on Roman coins and how they have long been studied by scholars interested in retrieving information about ancient monuments, especially those that are partially or totally lost. A recording of this lecture will be available soon. 
January Long Tables

With all the holiday and Gala excitement, we only held two Long Tables in January. ANS Chief Curator Dr. Peter Van Alfen discussed some of the smallest coins from the Archaic period Mediterranean and Dr. Jesse Kraft, Assistant Curator of American Numismatics, showed us some fun and unusual objects from the Canadian cabinet.