January 2021 eNews

Announcements & Upcoming Events

With great sadness, the ANS announces the passing of Syd Martin
Sydney Furman Martin passed away peacefully in January 2021. He played a major role in the Society both as its past president, a member of committees, and as a benefactor. Mr. Martin was a true scholar and author, having made important contributions in the field of American numismatics. For his work, he was awarded the 2020 Archer M. Huntington AwardMore

Money Talks: The Question of Gold in Fourth-Century Egypt
Join Dr. Irene Soto Marín for a Money Talkson February 27 on the gold solidus—one of the most iconic objects of Late Antiquity. Originally introduced by Diocletian, its weight was reduced and it was more widely minted by Constantine, becoming a symbol of stability of the Late Roman and Byzantine Empires. But how early did this “Golden Age” begin? This talk will present the numismatic evidence for fourth century solidi found in Egypt in order to bring nuance to the role of gold coinage throughout this important initial period of monetary and economic transition. More…

Library Duplicates available on the ANS Ebay store
We will begin adding duplicates from the ANS’s Harry Bass Library to our eBay store beginning next Tuesday evening (2/2) with some auction catalogs. All lots start at $1. This week we will post auction catalogs from Ratto, L. Hamburger, J. Hamburger, Frankfurter, and Calicó (Asociación Numismatica Española). Also included is the Canessa catalog of the gold portion of opera tenor Enrico Caruso’s collection.

The Year End Appeal is wrapped
Thank you to everyone who contributed and made the 2020 Year End Appeal a great success. The work undertaken here at the ANS would not be possible without your generosity.

Upcoming Long Tables
Join us for our upcoming Long Tables! Nicholas Molinari will discuss Acheloios and the Man-faced bull iconography; Taylor Hartley is back by popular demand to talk about the early artists of the Medallic Art Company; Lucia Carbone will speak on Roman Provincial coinage; and Elizabeth Hahn Benge, Collection Manager, departments of the Arts of the Ancient Mediterranean and Byzantium & Arts of Africa at the Art Institute of Chicago will discuss their collection. Current active members will receive links to join the day of the event. 

January in Review

The 2021 Virtual Gala was a great success!
The 2021 Gala in memory of benefactors Mark and Lottie Salton featured keynote speaker Jacob Goldstein—NPR correspondent and co-host of the Planet Money podcast, a new video about the ANS by Pascal Perich, a presentation on the honorees by Dr. Ira Rezak and Dr. Alan Stahl, and a 24 item raffle. Many thanks to our Gala sponsors for their generosity and participation. Watch it YouTube.

Money Talks: Dutch Medals of the Golden Age
On January 30, Dr. Stephen Scher and Dr. Arnold-Peter C. Weiss spoke on the Dutch Republic of 17th century through the lens of medallic art—focusing on its trading power, its military prowess, its standing as the art center of Europe, and the technological revolution taking place at that time. A video will be available on the ANS YouTube channel soon.

January Long Tables
As a part of our new Long Table initiative to invite outside curators from coin cabinets around the world, Director of the Numismatic Department of the Vatican Library Dr. Eleonora Giampiccolo spoke on the Vatican coin cabinet. From closer to home, Peter van Alfen spoke on Archaic Greek Coins of Mother-Cities and their Colonies.