January 2020 eNews

January 2020

Announcements & Upcoming Events

Coinages in the Persian Empire
February “Money Talks” | Coinages in the Persian Empire
Join us on February 29 for the first “Money Talks” of 2020. Until a few decades ago, the Achaemenid (Persian) Empire (ca. 550–330 BC) was primarily known through Greek writers such as Herodotus. Archaeological research and publications of a wide variety of Achaemenid sources have dramatically enhanced the picture of both the Empire and its coinage in recent years. Chief Curator Peter van Alfen and Research Curator Ute Wartenberg offer a discussion of some of this new research, which considers the historical and administrative aspects of the coins, while also examining the iconography and portraiture. More…


The 2020 Summer Seminar is Accepting Applications
The ANS is now accepting applications for the 66th Annual Eric P. Newman Graduate Summer Seminar in Numismatics to be held at the ANS in New York City from June 8 – July 31, 2020. The rigorous eight-week course, taught by ANS staff and guest lecturers, introduces students to the methods, theories, and history of the discipline. In addition to the lecture program, students will select a numismatic research topic and, utilizing ANS resources, complete a paper while in residence. More…


ANS Publishing
The ANS moves completely to online book distributor
With the retirement of our pack-and-ship wizard Garfield Miller, the ANS is shifting to 100% order fulfillment by our book distributors. Casemate Academic (North America, oxbowbooks.com/oxbow) and Oxbow Books (rest-of-world, oxbowbooks.com/dbbc). We will continue to update the ANS Book store with a detailed description of each title and an easy link direct to our online distributor. The ANS office will longer accept phone or online orders for books.

If you are an independent bookseller, your purchasing contact is now Jill Tanenbaum at jill.tanenbaum@casematepublishers.com. Any problems or questions with online orders must be addressed to Casemate/Oxbow directly via phone (610) 853-9131, email at casemate@casematepublishers.com, or through their web form at oxbowbooks.com/dbbc/contacts


2020 Eric P. Newman Research Fellowship
The ANS is pleased to announce that Dr. Jérôme Jambu, Conservateur, chargé des collections de monnaies étrangères, in the Département des Monnaies, médailles et antiques at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, is the recipient of the 2020 Eric P. Newman Research Fellowship. Dr. Jambu, who has published extensively on various coinages of the Americas, is currently engaged in a research project entitled Monnaies et moyens de paiements dans les îles de l’Amérique française (Petites Antilles, 1627-1848).


White Gold
is now at the printer!
White Gold: Studies in Early Electrum Coinage collects the most complete, current scholarship on the history of known examples of ancient electrum coinage of the Greek world, with text, catalogs, and images. After much waiting, this volume will be ready to ship on March 17, 2020. Pre-order today! More…


Ethan Gruber to attend Linked Art meeting
ANS Director of Data Science Ethan Gruber will be at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the AHRC-funded Linked Art face to face meeting with project stakeholders in the US, UK, and several other European museums. This initiative seeks to standardize data interchange formats for large-scale aggregation and scholarly research of art museum collections and serves as a pathway for medallic art in the ANS collection to be integrated into the larger art historical research ecosystem.


March “Money Talks” | Antony and Cleopatra: A Match Made on Coinage
Join Assistant Curator of Roman Coins Dr. Lucia Carbone for Antony and Cleopatra: A Match Made on Coinage. Coins represented a central element in Mark Antony and Cleopatra’s dynastic propaganda. Their monetary policy in the East represented a real ‘revolution.’ In the iconography, the medium, and the weight of their coins, Antony and Cleopatra introduced radical changes that became the norm in the Imperial Age. More…


December & January in Review

Rick Beleson and Syd Martin at the 2020 Annual Gala Dinner
The 2020 Gala was a great success!
On January 16, some 180 friends of the ANS gathered to honor Richard M. Beleson with the Trustees’ Award at the Annual Gala Dinner, held at the Harvard Club in New York City. Mr. Beleson has been a steadfast supporter of the ANS since joining the Society in 1995, and he served on the Board of Trustees from 2010 to 2016. He is an ANS Fellow, a generous donor to the Society’s Campaign to Endow the Chair of the Executive Director, and a dependable supporter of numismatic scholars and projects. Thank you to everyone who make the night such a success. More…


Dr. Wartenberg thanked with a commissioned Duarte medal
The ANS commissioned a medal to honor our longtime Executive Director Ute Wartenberg. Designed by Joao Duarte—the winner of the 2011 Saltus Award—the arch of the medal symbolizes the ANS’s headquarters, in which are found coins and medals from around the world, represented by the striated sphere. Each of the 20 disks that make up the sphere also represent one year of Dr. Wartenberg’s tenure as Executive Director.


Peter van Alfen and Mark Anderson
Peter van Alfen receives the 2019 Burnett Anderson Award
Mark Anderson presented the 2019 Burnett Anderson Memorial Award for Excellence in Numismatic Writing to Dr. Peter van Alfen. The award is given by the American Numismatic Association, the Numismatic Literary Guild, and the American Numismatic Society to recognize quality and integrity in numismatic writing of every kind. More…


Garfield Miller Honored at Gala
At the very end of the Gala dinner, the ANS honored Mr. Garfield Miller, who earlier in the year announced his retirement. In praise and thanks to Mr. Miller, we commended him for his 40 years of dedicated service to the ANS. In thanks, Executive Director Gilles Bransbourg presented him with a rare commemorative medal, engraved with gratitude and appreciation.


The Year-End Appeal
The Year-End Appeal was a success! Thank you to everyone who contributed. The work undertaken here at the ANS would not be possible without your generosity!


2019 Saltus Award to Mashiko
The American Numismatic Society awarded Mashiko with the 2019 J. Sanford Saltus Award for Signal Achievement in the Art of the Medal.  2019 was the Saltus award’s centennial year and so, the ANS put one medal from each previous winner on display in our membership lounge. Saltus Committee Chairman Donald Scarinci gave a talk looking back at 100 years of the award—which you can now watch on YouTube.


Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 12.47.01 PM
BBC News Arabic speaks with 
Dr. Wartenberg
Ute Wartenberg spoke with BBC News Arabic for a story on a hoard of rare ancient coins found by fishermen on the coast of Gaza. Watch here.


: Pottery and Linked Open Data
Ethan Gruber attended the annual joint meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America and Society for Classical Studies to present Kerameikos.org: Pottery and Linked Open Data with colleagues from the University of Virginia in a roundtable session entitled The Digital Futures of Ancient Objects: Discussing Next Steps for Collaborative Digital Humanities Projects. The broad discussions involved funding, building, and sustaining digital projects, which included current work on Nomisma.org, OCRE, and Hellenistic Royal Coinages at the ANS.


December “Money Talks” |
Wine & Coins
Wine & Coins was once again a sold-out hit! MJ McNamara, PhD candidate in classics and NYC chef, prepared six courses via ancient Roman recipes. These dishes were paired with the wine produced in Mediterranean or by ancient techniques by Alex Conison, PhD on the Ancient Roman wine trade and senior brand manager for Jose Cuervo USA. This was accompanied by coins and medals selected by Executive Director Gilles Bransbourg.


Congrats to Andrew Reinhard!
Andrew Reinhard, ANS Director of Publications, successfully defended his PhD dissertation in archaeology at the University of York (England). His dissertation, Archaeology of Digital Environments: Tools, Methods, and Approaches, makes the case for understanding software as twenty-first century human habitations and examples of global material culture and cultural heritage.


Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 5.05.35 PM copy
Between Text and Objects: Coinage and the “Periplus of the Erythraean Sea”
On December 10, 2019 Dr. Shailen Bhandare presented Between Text and Objects: Coinage and the “Periplus of the Erythraean Sea.” The lecture highlighted and contextualized the information in the Periplus by providing examples from the numismatic evidence and outlined how object exchange across the Indian Ocean facilitated dissemination of art, cultural notions, and technologies across the wider Roman Empire world of East Africa, Arabia, and India. Watch it youtube now.


Gilles Bransbourg visits the Vatican Library’s Medagliere
On December 6, 2019, Gilles Bransbourg enjoyed the privilege of a private preview at the Vatican Library’s Medagliere, thanks to its Director and Curator, Dr Eleonora Giampiccolo. There, he was shown rare materials from the collection, ranging from antiquity to the modern era. Dr. Giampiccolo was awarded a grant to attend the ANS Eric P. Newman Graduate Summer Seminar in Numismatics in 2007, and had been an intern at the ANS the prior year


The New York International Numismatic Convention
We were pleased to greet many members and friends and welcome new members during the New York International Numismatic Convention at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in January.