ANS Annual Gala 2022

David Hendin Accepts the 2022 Trustees' Award

Thank you for your support of the 2022 ANS Gala Dinner in honor of David Hendin. We will see you again next year!

David Hendin is a widely-admired authority on weights and currency of the ancient Levant, with a focus on Judean, biblical, Roman provincial, and Nabataean numismatics. He has authored 18 books, including Guide to Biblical Coins (the sixth edition was recently published), Cultural Change: Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Coins of the Holy Land (2011), and Ancient Scale Weights and Pre-Coinage Currency of the Near East (2007), along with more than 75 book chapters and articles in scholarly journals.

As an editor Mr. Hendin worked with the late Prof. Ya’akov Meshorer on Coins Reveal, Ancient Jewish Coinage Vols. I & II, the English edition of A Treasury of Jewish Coins, and, with Andrew Meadows, on Coins of the Holy Land: The Abraham and Marian Sofaer Collection at the American Numismatic Society and the Israel Museum.

For 45 years, ever since joining the ANS in 1976, David Hendin has been a generous supporter, contributing not only financially but substantively as a scholar, researcher, writer, lecturer, and charming and engaging advocate for the Society. Among his countless contributions was his role as the principal curator of the award-winning ANS exhibit “Cultural Change: Coins of the Holy Land” at the New York Federal Reserve Bank Museum in 2010–11. Mr. Hendin was first elected Fellow in 1992 and is now a Life Fellow and a member of the Augustus B. Sage Society.

He was elected to the Board of Trustees in 2016 and currently serves as First Vice President and sits on many of its committees.

“One of the most distinguished and beloved members of the community. It is hard to think of an individual who deserves the Trustees’ Award as much as he does,” notes ANS President Ute Wartenberg.


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