February 2022 eNews

Announcements and Upcoming Events

Money Talks Move to a New Day and Time

Formerly held once-a-month on Saturdays, beginning in March, Money Talks will switch to a weekday evening schedule and will be held in-person at the ANS. The lectures will be hybrid events, allowing for virtual attendance, as well as be recorded for later viewing. 

The first hybrid Money Talks program will take place on Thursday, March 24 at 6:00 PM, with Assistant Curator of American Numismatics Dr. Jesse Kraft, who will welcome us back with Fips, Levies, Shillings, and Dollars: Language, Value, and the Circulation of Spanish-American Small Change in the Early United States. Join us at 5:30 for a reception beforehand. More

2022 FLAME Conference 

Princeton University’s Program in the Ancient World will host the 2022 Framing the Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Economy (FLAME) Conference on March 18–20, bringing together leading scholars on the late antique and early medieval economy worldwide. ANS Mark Salton Associate Curator of Medieval, Renaissance, and Early European Numismatics David Yoon and ANS Director of Data Science Ethan Gruber will present. More

ANS Library Duplicates for Sale

Lots of books, auction catalogs, and fixed price lists will be coming up for sale in March and beyond as we continue to sell duplicates to benefit the ANS Library. These include classic works, like Feuardent on jetons (1904–1915) and Madai on thalers (1765–1774), as well as early catalogs from Ciani, Thieme, Naville, Scott, Ratto, Schlessinger, Ars Classica, and Hamburger. So keep an eye on our eBay store, or, better yet, register and save your searches so you are notified when items you want are listed.

Publications Updates

Subscribers to the American Journal of Numismatics can expect Volume 33 (2021) to arrive in the coming weeks. The Journal of Early American Numismatics 4.2 will ship to readers in March after a prolonged printing delay. We apologize for the wait. The first issue of ANS Magazine for 2022 is at the printer and will ship to readers in March.

Four new POD Titles are Now Available

These publications gain new life as part of the ANS’s expanding print-on-demand program:

AJN vol. 25 

Roman Medallions (Numismatic Studies 5, by Joyce Toynbee)
Black & white paperback edition

The Athenian Decadrachm (Numismatic Notes and Monographs 167, by Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert)
Black & white hardcover and paperback editions

Medallic Art of the American Numismatic Society, 1865–2014 (Studies in Medallic Art 2, by Scott Miller)
Full color hardcover and paperback editions

The ANS Sponsors Travel Grants for the 2022 INC

We are proud to offer travel grants for up to eight attendees of the 2022 International Numismatic Congress who are current members of the ANS in good standing. Convened every six years, the International Numismatic Congress (INC) is a regular assembly of numismatic scholars, curators, and researchers who come together to discuss new and current research in the field of numismatics. Apply

March Long Tables

Vicken YegparianAlexandra Elflein-SchwierDr. Ursula KampmannFabian Halbich, and Ulrich Kuenker will present on the Salton Collection and the storied lives of Felix Schlessinger, and Mark and Lottie Salton; Scott Miller will speak on the function and design of medals; Dr. Nathan Elkins will give the second half of his talk on architectural representation on Roman coins; and Dr. Tracene Harvey, Director of the Museum of Antiquities at the University of Saskatchewan, will present on Julia Augusta—the Roman Empire’s first empress to be struck on coins.

February in Review

The Andrew M. Burnett Chair of Roman Numismatics

The ANS announced the establishment of the Andrew M. Burnett Chair of Roman Numismatics. Dr. Lucia Carbone is the first ANS curator to hold this endowed chair. More

Design Students Visited from the Pratt Institute

On February 8, ANS Fellow Scott Miller and Assistant Curator of American Numismatics Dr. Jesse Kraft hosted Visiting Assistant Professors Katrin Zimmermann and Russell Jones from Pratt Institute along with a group of their design students. They learned about the history of the medallic form and handled a range of medals in preparation for an upcoming medal design competition. The winning design will be awarded to a distinguished faculty member at Pratt’s commencement.

Learning about Cicero, Caesar and Vergil via Coins

On three Saturdays in February, the New York Classical Club and the American Numismatic Society presented Learning about Cicero, Caesar and Vergil via Coins with Dr. Lucia Carbone, Andrew M. Burnett Assistant Curator of Roman Numismatics. These three workshops presented the interaction between literary and non-literary—in this case, numismatic—representations of power in Rome’s Late Republic and Early Empire. 

ANS Lyceum: Judean and Biblical Numismatics

On Wednesdays throughout February ANS Vice President and Honorary Curator David Hendin presented an interactive series of lessons on Judean and Biblical numismatics. This course will continue through March 16. More

February Long Tables

Dr. Anna Accettola, Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics & Ancient Mediterranean Studies at Bucknell University and ANS Summer Seminar Alumna, delved into the numismatic iconography of a Roman magistrate in 58 BCE; Dr. Ellen Feingold, Curator of the Smithsonian’s National Numismatic Collection, discussed the upcoming exhibition, Really BIG MoneyProfessor Jane DeRose Evans of Temple University described how coins are used outside the marketplace; and ANS Associate Member Mike Markowitz guided a discussion on coins in the works of William Shakespeare.