Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York, NY

“The Metropolitan Museum of Art presents over 5,000 years of art from around the world for everyone to experience and enjoy. Since its founding in 1870, The Met has always aspired to be more than a treasury of rare and beautiful objects. Every day, art comes alive in the Museum’s galleries and through its exhibitions and events, revealing new ideas and unexpected connections across time and across cultures.”

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Objects on loan

The ANS has a total of 294 objects on long-term loan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art throughout their ancient, Byzantine, and medieval galleries. Highlights of the loan include:

Silver Stater, Neapolis, 510–500 BCE. 1941.153.278
Silver 4 drachm (tetradrachm)
Silver 4 drachm (tetradrachm), Agrigentum, 460–450 BCE. 1925.141.3
Silver Tetradrachm, Aenus, 405–357 BCE. 1967.152.221
Silver Drachm, Argos, 370–360 BCE. 1958.155.1
Silver Coin of Seleucus I Nicator, Pergamum, 281 BCE. 1967.152.675
Silver 4 drachm (tetradrachm) of Eumenes I of Pergamum, Pergamum, 263—241 BCE. 1944.100.43182
Bronze As of Nero, Rome, 62—68 CE. 1937.158.476
Gold Aureus of Postumus, Cologne, 266 CE. 1967.153.199
Silver denier of Charlemagne, Western Europe/Low Countries, 793–812. 0000.999.3124
Gold Nomisma of Michael VIII, Constantinople, 1261–1282. 1968.131.409