Getty Villa

Los Angeles, CA

“Home to the Getty Museum’s antiquities collection, the Getty Villa invites you to experience ancient Greek, Roman, and Etruscan art in an intimate setting that recreates a first-century Roman villa—the Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum, Italy.

Buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in A.D. 79, much of the Villa dei Papiri remains unexcavated. Therefore, architects based many of the Museum’s architectural and landscaping details on elements from other ancient Roman houses in the towns of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae. The scale, appearance, and some of the materials of the Getty Villa are taken from the Villa dei Papiri—such as the floor plan—though it is a mirror of the original.”

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Objects on Loan

The ANS has a total of 33 objects on permanent loan to the Getty Villa. Highlights of the loan include:

Electrum Stater, Lampsacus, 520–480 BCE. 1967.152.411

Silver Tetradrachm, Athens, 515–500 BCE. 1941.153.496

Silver 4 drachm (tetradrachm), Agrigentum, 415–406 BCE. 1997.9.86

Silver 10 drachm (decadrachm), Syracuse, 405–400 BCE. 1967.152.534

Silver Coin, Siculo-Punic. 1967.152.717

Gold multiple of Maximian, Trier, 293–294 CE. 1967.153.38