Bulgari & Rome: Eternal Inspiration

Bulgari & Rome: Eternal Inspiration

Bulgari Flagship Store, New York, NY
October 14–November 25, 2015

For many artists, taking inspiration from their surroundings is perhaps the oldest and simplest path to creation, whether it’s an oil-on-canvas landscape or a collage of found objects. This is no less true for BULGARI, the 131-year-old Italian jewelry house, which has long looked to Rome as a  source of reference for its fanciful and decidedly romantic designs. To celebrate its hometown muse, the brand has just debuted an exhibition at its New York flagship on Fifth Avenue. “Bulgari & Rome: Eternal Inspiration,” is the company’s homage to the Eternal City, showcasing 40 heritage pieces that directly reference Rome’s architecture, artwork, history and monuments.


Items on loan

The ANS had a total of 18 objects on loan to this exhibition. Highlights of the loan include:

Gold Gold multiple of Maximian, Trier, AD 293 – AD 294 1967.153.38

Silver Coin, Uncertain value, 43 B.C. – 42 B.C. 1944.100.4554

Silver Tetradrachm of Cleopatra VII of Egypt/Mark Antony/Cleopatra VII of Egypt, Antioch, 36 BC. 1977.158.621

Bronze Sestertius of Nero, Rome, AD 62 – AD 68 1944.100.39726

Gold Aureus of Augustus, Colonia Patricia, 18 BC – 17 BC 1955.191.11

Silver Coin, Rome, 44 B.C. 1937.158.290