Eric M. Krauss

Eric M. Krauss, Curatorial Associate


Ph.D., Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, 1983
M.D., Cornell University Medical College, 1978
A.B., Biochemical Science, Harvard College, 1974

Eric Krauss joined the staff of the American Numismatic Society in 2017 upon retirement from medical practice. His interests center on federal and private issues of the United States, numismatic photography, and database design. He recently completed an extensive original study of die marriages of gold coinage of the Jacksonian era. Current activities include a thorough review of curatorial documentation for the United States cabinet to incorporate robust data on die marriages and die states, enhancing speed and accuracy of the Mantis user experience for U.S. issues, and upgrading digital images of a broad range of ANS holdings. Eric looks forward to working with researchers and collectors of the United States series to facilitate and enhance access to the magnificent resources of the ANS.

Krauss, Eric M. The 1835 Breen-6506 half eagle: die marriages and die states. John Reich Journal 27:3 (December 2017), 25
Krauss, Eric M. Rare 1838-C repunched 5 Classic Head half eagle, prime die state. John Reich Journal 23:3 (December 2013), 24
Krauss, Eric M. Double struck 1837 $2.50 with two-pale gule reverse. John Reich Journal 22:3 (November 2012), 33
Krauss, Eric M. 1836 B3 quarter terminal die state. John Reich Journal 14:2 (October 2002), 9