Elena Stolyarik

Dr. Elena Stolyarik
Collections Manager

Dr. Elena Stolyarik is a numismatist specializing in the coinage of the Black Sea region. Before coming to the ANS, she served as Chief of the Numismatic Department of the Odessa Archaeological Museum of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and also participated in the excavation of the ancient city of Tyras in the North-Western Black Sea Region. Upon coming to the United States, Dr. Stolyarik worked as a research associate at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Philadelphia, where she re-examined the entire collection of Greek coins. She is the author of a monograph Essays on Monetary Circulation in the North-Western Black Sea Region in the Late Roman and Byzantine Periods (late 3rd Century – Early 13th Century AD) and of numerous articles related mainly to Greek, Scythian, Late Roman, and Byzantine coinage in the Black Sea region.