Newman Numismatic Portal and the ANS

Lara Jacobs scans a book at the ANS
Lara Jacobs scans a book at the ANS.

In 2015, the ANS entered into a partnership with the Newman Numismatic Portal (NNP) to digitize items from the Society’s archival and library collections. These materials are available through the NNP’s website and also at Internet Archive, a non-profit online library offering millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

With this partnership, nearly all of the library’s collection of early American auction catalogs are now online, along with some foreign catalogs, including those published by Sotheby’s and Glendining. In addition, records and personal papers relating to two of the most important American coin collections ever assembled, by Virgil Brand and the Garretts of Baltimore, have also been scanned and made available online. The business correspondence of the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century coin dealership firm of S. H. & H. Chapman, a collection that fills twenty-two large boxes and includes letters from over 2,500 correspondents, is just another example of the many important ANS items and collections that have been scanned and can now be found online. The Newman Numismatic Portal’s project coordinator, ANS Fellow Len Augsburger, has been vital to the success of this partnership, which provides benefits to the ANS beyond digitization, including improvements to the library’s catalog records and the physical rehousing of archival materials. The daily work is done by the scanning technicians, at first by John Graffeo and then by Lara Jacobs.