April 2021 eNews

Upcoming Events & Announcements

Bar Kokhba coins

Money Talks, “Bar Kokhba Revolt: Secrets of the Coins”
Bar Kokhba was a rebel Jewish leader in Judaea who led a revolt against Hadrian and the Roman troops from 132–135 CE. His coins differed in many respects from the Judean coins that preceded them—depicting the Jerusalem Temple, which had been destroyed in 70 CE, and many elements of Jewish worship. On Saturday, May 22, ANS Vice President and Adjunct Curator David Hendin will discuss these coins and place them into their context as the last ancient Judean coins. More…

COAC 2021 Thumb

COAC 2021: Call for papers
The ANS is proud to announce the reintroduction of the Coinage of the Americas Conference (COAC). The conference, set for September 2021, will feature presentations and papers related to famed sculptor Victor David Brenner for the 150th anniversary of his birth. Submit paper proposals to Dr. Jesse Kraft at jkraft@numismatics.org by July 1. More…

ANS Lyceum header image

The ANS Lyceum: The Coins of Rome
The first ANS Lyceum course will be wrapping up on May 5 and the next course is already full! The second course will be led by Executive Director Gilles Bransbourg and Assistant Curator of Roman Coins Lucia Carbone. Each Wednesday from May 19–June 30, participants will learn about the numismatic objects, economic history, and culture of Rome. More… 

CoinWorld's 60 most influential people in numismatics

CoinWorld’s 60 most influential people
In celebration of their 60th year, CoinWorld has published a list of the 60 most influential people in numismatics in the past 60 years—those who have made the biggest impact on hobby of coin collecting. ANS President Dr. Ute Wartenberg made the list, along with ANS Trustee Beth Deisher, and many ANS members. Read the list.

New book on the ebay store

New to the ANS Ebay Store
In addition to tokens, medals, and coins on the ANS ebay store, you can also find great deals on numismatic publications. Books from the late- to early-19th century often sell in the $10-$40 range. This week’s offerings (ending Monday, May 3) include a three-volume set on British army medals (1861), a newer book on Byzantine coins (1999), and perhaps the highlight, Albert Gallatin’s Syracusan Dekadrachms of the Euainetos Type. All bidding starts at $1. Visit the ANS ebay store.

The AKMED Monetary History and Numismatics Summer School graphic

Fifth Monetary History and Numismatics Summer School
The AKMED Monetary History and Numismatics Summer School, an intensive program taught by Dr. Peter van Alfen and Professor Dr. Oğuz Tekin of Koç University AKMED, will be virtual this year. It will offer a broad chronological survey of monetary history and numismatics from Ancient to Byzantine period (c. 650 BC-AD 1453). Apply by June 6. More…

Mark Salton's donation to the ANS library

Mark Salton Archives in the ANS Library
Thanks to the efforts of ANS life fellow Dr. Ira Rezak, the ANS Library and Archives has acquired Mark Salton’s papers and annotated auction catalogs. Dating from the 1940s to his death in 2006, the acquisition includes fascinating documents ranging from those relating to his efforts in recovering his father’s belongs that were taken by the Nazis, to correspondence with the Dutch dealer Jacques Schulman, to Mark’s scholarly research, including a copy of his master’s thesis, The Financing of the Italian South (1966).

May Long Table thumb

May Long Tables
We will have two outside curators in May—Curator of the John Max Wulfing Collection of Ancient Coins and Related Objects at Washington University in St. Louis Prof. William S. Bubelis and Assistant Curator of Greek and Roman Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Dr. Laure Marest. Later in the month, Saltus Award Winner Mashiko will tell us about her artistic process and the curation of medallic arts. Lastly, ANS Director of Data Science Ethan GruberDr. Courtney Nimura, and Dr. John Talbot will discuss the Iron Age Coins in Britain—a new Nomisma database of coins found in Britain from early to mid-2nd century BCE through the 1st century AD.

April in Review

Gilles Bransbourg, John Kroll, Andrew Meadows and Liv Yarrow

Using Coins as Sources: A Panel Discussion
ANS Executive Director Dr. Gilles Bransbourg hosted a virtual panel that discussed the Guides to the Coinage of the Ancient World series, co-published by the ANS and Cambridge University Press. Panelists ANS Fellow Dr. John Kroll and ANS members Dr. Andrew Meadows and Dr. Liv Yarrow discussed what coins can tell us and how the field of numismatics is developing.

Opening Slide of Dr. Carbone's NYNC Presentation

Lucia Carbone speaks to the New York Numismatic Club
On April 9 Dr. Lucia Carbone, Assistant Curator of Roman Coins, delivered a speech titled Hidden Power: Late Cistophoric Production in the Provincia Asia at the New York Numismatic Club. Dr. Carbone discussed her recent monograph on the same topic and the relationship between cistophoric production and Roman taxation in first century BC Asia (modern Turkey). 

Peter van Alfen giving a Money Talks

April Money Talks
In “Scenes from an Exposition: Columbus, Coins, Ships and Controversy in 1890s America,” Peter van Alfen explored the origins of the Columbian Exposition, Columbus’ popularity in 19th century America (and subsequent downfall in the 20th), the ANS’s vast holdings of coins, medals, and tokens from the fair, and the disputes between artists and officials over the production of some items.

Gilles Bransbourg hosting Long Table 45

April Long Tables
Our outside curator for April was Dr. Julien Olivier from Bibliothèque nationale de France, who spoke on their Ptolemaic collection. Executive Director Gilles Bransbourg presented on the French franc, Oliver Hoover told “Seleucid Ghost Stories,” and ANS President Ute Wartenberg spoke with David Tripp about the fascinating tale of the double eagle. See all past Long Tables.