April 2019 eNews


An Event to Honor Dr. William E. Metcalf
On Friday, May 3, the ANS will honor Dr. William E. Metcalf, former Chief Curator, with the presentation of a Festschrift published in his honor, Concordia Disciplinarum. Edited by Profs. Jane Evans and Nathan Elkins, with contributions by many of Metcalf’s students, colleagues, and friends, the volume will be available for purchase and signing by the editors and honoree. More…

The Power of Money
This week, ANS Assistant Curator of Roman Coins Dr. Lucia Carbone and Prof. John Ma (Columbia University) will present a workshop entitled The Power of Money. Coinage, Identity and Power in the Greek Provinces of the Roman East (May 2–4, 2019). With special guest Dr. Michel Amandry, the workshop focuses on the interactions between identity, coinage, and economics in the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. More…

EAC and ANS Honor Del Bland
On Friday, May 3, at the Early American Coppers (EAC) Convention in Dayton, Ohio, EAC and ANS will host a get-together to allow the many friends and colleagues of the late Del Bland to remember, celebrate, and honor this extraordinary man. Deputy Director Dr. Gilles Bransbourg will be in attendance and ANS Archivist and Librarian David Hill will be giving a talk on Bland and his work. More…

Upcoming Lecture: The Colts of Corinth Revisited: The 4th-2nd century BC Corinthian Coinage
Join Dr. Lee Brice on May 10 for The Colts of Corinth Revisited. Despite having been one of the earliest Greek mints to strike its own silver coinage, the mint at Corinth has remained imperfectly understood. In particular, we lack a relative chronology for the coin series in Ravel Period V and the absolute chronology has been in doubt. This talk will present the results of a die study of Corinth Periods V and VI coinage. More…

Roman Republican Die Project
The Roman Republican Die Project by Dr. Lucia Carbone (ANS) and Prof. Liv Yarrow (Brooklyn College, CUNY) aims at providing a precise quantification of the monetary production under the Roman Republic. First they will undertake the digital preservation of Richard Schaefer’s archive of Roman Republican die studies. Then a post-doctoral fellow, under the supervision of Dr. Carbone, will create spreadsheets from the scanned images, in order to create a database which will be linked to the already existing CRRO (Coinage of the Roman Republic Online) and CHRR (Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic). The first two parts of this project have been generously funded by the Arete Foundation. More…

Upcoming Lecture: Imagining America: Native American Icons and National Identity on Early American Coins
Join Dr. Peter Dunham at the ANS on May 31 for Imagining America. Money is not just a medium of exchange but also a vehicle for transmitting ethnic and political messages. The imagery on currency is often employed to help build national identities. In the wake of independence, depictions of Native Americans were frequently used on coins throughout the Americas to distinguish emerging national identities from those of former imperial overlords. More…

David Yoon at the International Congress on Medieval Studies
On Friday, May 10, there will be an ANS-sponsored session on medieval numismatics at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Associate Curator David Yoon will be presenting a paper entitled A Re-consideration of the Merovingian-Type Coins from the Zorita Hoard. More…

Loan to the Heritage Museum & Gardens
An exhibition in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Heritage Museum & Gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts will display a number of ANS coins. This exhibit is in memory of J.K. Lilly, Jr.—the founder of the Heritage Museum—and the coins on loan are similar to those in his collection and will be displayed alongside pieces from it. Open now though October 2019. More…

Londres Mex Sud 10P Front 1200 dpi 01a-crop
Upcoming “Money Talks” | Making Mexico
Join Peter Dunham on June 1 for Making Mexico: The Imagery of Nation-Building on Mexican Currency. Mexico, with its tumultuous history of political upheaval, offers an ideal laboratory in which to consider how the imagery on currency is used to help forge national identity. This lecture if offered at $30 for members and $50 for non-members.  More…


Digitization Conversation
Director of Data Science Ethan Gruber attended the Computer Applications in Archaeology Conference in Krakow, Poland on 24-26 April, where he presented a paper Ten Years of Nomisma.org: Past, Present, and Future in a roundtable session entitled Recent Developments in Digital Numismatics – Breaking Down Barriers, chaired by Mr. Gruber, Karsten Tolle, and David Wigg-Wolf. He also presented a poster for Kerameikos.organ NEH-funded project for Greek pottery Linked Open Data with colleagues from the University of Virginia and University of Mary Washington.

April “Money Talks”
ANS Board President Sydney Martin gave the April “Money Talks” lecture to a packed house. He discussed what many early American coin collectors fail to recognize: that from the sixteenth century until 1763, New France included most of what is now the United States west of the Appalachians, as well as most of present Canada. As such, coins minted by France with the intent of circulating only its North American colonies should be considered “coin of the realm.” 

The University of Warwick and Numishare
The University of Warwick is using the Numishare platform to publish Tokens of the Ancient Mediterranean project, directed by Prof. Clare Rowan. Although still in the prototype phase, one ANS Roman token has been linked to this new typology thus far: https://numismatics.org/collection/2000.26.1. We expect to make several hundred Greek and Roman tokens available in this new digital corpus.

April School Visits
On April 12 a group of twelve eleventh graders from Saint Peter’s Preparatory School (Jersey City, NJ) visited the ANS. The students were accompanied by their Latin teacher. After presenting an overview of the history of Roman Coinage, Dr. Lucia Carbone, Assistant Curator of Roman Coins introduced the students to the history of ANS and guided the group through the premises of the Society.

Don’t Forget your $50!
When you refer a friend to the ANS, you are entitled to $50 off a purchase of any ANS publication—for example, you can subscribe to the JEAN for $10! If you have welcomed someone into the Society since May 2018, please contact Emma in our membership office with their name and when they joined to get your $50 off! More…