April 2018 eNews


Upcoming “Money Talks,” Reading Arabic on Coins

On May 12, Jere L. Bacharach, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington and ANS Fellow, will give a presentation in the sub-series of “Money Talks” where participants learn how to understand foreign inscriptions on coins. Those who attend will learn how to identify different Islamic coins without knowing a word of Arabic. More…

2017 + 2018 Saltus Award Winners Announced
saltus award

The Board of Trustees of the American Numismatic Society is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 and 2018 J. Sanford Saltus Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Art of the Medal. After due consideration, the Committee selected Bogomil Nikolov of Bulgaria to receive the 2017 Saltus Award, and Geer Steyn of the Netherlands to receive the 2018 Saltus Award. More…

Coin Circulation in the Ancient Greek World
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May 17–18, Lucia Carbone, Peter van Alfen, and Gilles Bransbourg will be speaking at the Coin Circulation in the Ancient Greek World: Mapping and Networks conference at University of Chicago in Paris. Organized by Alain Bresson, the conference will focus on various aspects of coinage circulation in the Greek world from the Classic to the Roman period. More…

The Art of Photographing Coins

On June 16 Alan Roche, the Society’s photographer, will present “The Art of Photographing Coins.” Roche will consider the various aspects involved in the production of high-resolution images of coins and banknotes. A hands-on photographic demonstration will show how you can photograph your own coins like a pro. More…

May Book Sale!

’Tis the season for spring cleaning, and the ANS is making a number of older (and very early) titles available for purchase at a considerable discount. Complete your collections with new volumes of AJNCOACMuseum NotesNumismatic Studies, and so much more! These books are available while quantities last—first come, first served. To order, email a list of the titles you want to Andrew Reinhard, Director of Publications, at areinhard@numismatics.org. No phone calls please. Full list of available inventory

David Yoon in Kalamazoo
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On Saturday, May 12, Associate Curator David Yoon will be presenting a paper entitled “Coin Circulation and Trade on the Island of Stromboli in the Late Middle Ages” at the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan. More…


April “Money Talks,” To Counterfeit is Death

On Saturday, April 21, ANS Fellow Ray Williams discussed the economic climate that made paper money necessary; the counterfeiting of bills and the anti-counterfeiting measures taken; the famous (and not so famous) colonists involved with paper money; and interesting stories involving some of the money.

New Observations in Archaic & Classical Period Cypriote Coinage
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On Thursday, April 5, Dr. Evangeline Markou of the National Hellenic Research Foundation gave the talk “New Observations in Archaic & Classical Period Cypriote Coinage” at the ANS. A link will be available on the ANS Youtube page soon!

Seated Liberty Dollars

Curatorial Associate Eric Krauss and his intern, Abram Morris—the ANS’s youngest member—have completed a study of the collection of Liberty Seated Dollars in the United States cabinet. Their research has been able to conclusively show that the extremely rare 1853 Proof dollar (ANS 1976.113.2) could not have been struck before 1862, settling a long-standing controversy. We look forward to hear more details about this and other discoveries in an upcoming ANS publication of his study.

April School Visits

On April 11 a group of fifteen students from Grace Church High School visited the ANS and was welcomed by Dr. Lucia Carbone, Assistant Curator of Roman coins. The twelfth graders were accompanied by their Latin teacher and were introduced to the coinage of Augustus and Tiberius. Another group of fifteen students, this time middle schoolers from Masters School, visited ANS on April 26th. Dr. Lucia Carbone introduced these students to the history of Roman and Greek coinage and the use of Latin on coinage.

David Yoon at the American Archaeology meeting in DC

On April 12 Associate Curator David Yoon will be presenting a poster at the Society for American Archaeology meeting in Washington, DC. The presentation is entitled “Long-Distance Trade in Late Antique Italy: Evidence from the Bova Marina Archaeological Project.”

2018 Chicago Coin Expo
Chicago Coin Expo

April 18-21, Deputy Director Gilles Bransbourg represented the ANS at the Chicago Coin Expo. He welcomed six new members to the Society, sold some books, and was pleased to speak with the ANS members who were in attendance. Special thanks to Aaron Berk for all his help.

Andrew Reinhard at Drew University

On April 20 ANS Director of Publications, Andrew Reinhard, presented three lectures at Drew University (Madison, New Jersey). The first reflected his work in promoting Open Access academic publishing and the free sharing of knowledge across disciplines, laying out strategies for libraries, authors, and publishers to follow. This lecture was followed by a talk on the nascent discipline of archaeology in video games (aka “archaeogaming”), discussing serious research in understanding human culture in digital spaces. His final talk covered the 2014 excavation of the Atari Burial Ground in Alamogordo, New Mexico, where he and his team of archaeologists helped “mythbust” the urban legend that Atari dumped millions of copies of the “worst video game of all time”, E.T.: The Extraterrestrial in a desert landfill in 1983.