ANS Summer Seminar General Reading List

This list of readings is designed to provide background for the summer’s work. The titles have been selected to illustrate the techniques and methodology applicable to various areas of numismatic study. It is recommended that each student review the publications in the general section, the starred items in his or her particular field, and as many others as possible.

Bibliographies of Numismatics

E. E. Clain-Stefanelli, Numismatic Bibliography (Munich, 1984).

P. Grierson, Bibliographie numismatique (2nd ed. Brussels, 1979).

R. G. Doty, The Macmillan Encyclopedic Dictionary of Numismatics (New York, 1982) is the most useful guide to numismatic terminology in English.

The ANS online library catalog is also an indispensable resource.


F. D. Campbell, “Numismatic Bibliography and Libraries,” Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science 37 suppl. 2 (1984) pp. 272-310.

*P. J. Casey, Understanding Ancient Coins: An Introduction for Archaeologists(Norman and London, 1986).

D.R. Cooper, The Art and Craft of Coinmaking: A History of Minting Technology(London: Spink, 1988).

*P. Grierson, Numismatics (Oxford, 1975).

D. Huff, How to Lie with Statistics (New York, 1954, often reprinted).

A. H. M. Jones, “Numismatics and History,” in R. A. G. Carson and C. H. V. Sutherland, eds., Essays in Roman Coinage presented to Harold Mattingly(Oxford, 1956) pp. 13-33; reprinted in P. A. Brunt, ed., The Roman Economy(Oxford, 1974) pp. 61-81.

C. Morrisson, La numismatique (“Que sais-je?”, Paris, 1991).

J. Williams, ed., Money: A History (London, 1997).


M. Balmuth, ed., Hacksilber to Coinage: New Insights into the Monetary History of the Near East and Greece (ANS Numismatic Series 24, New York, 2001).

T. Clay, “Metallurgy and Metallography in Numismatics,” in Quaderni Ticinesi di Numismatica e Antichità Classiche 17 (1988), pp. 341-352.

J.-M. Dentzer, P. Gauthier and T. Hackens, eds., Numismatique antique. Problèmes et méthodes (Nancy/Louvain, 1975).

G. Le Rider, La naissance de la monnaie: pratiques monétaires de l’Orient ancien(Paris, 2001).

G. MacDonald, “The Original Significance of the Inscriptions on Ancient Coins,”Memoires du Congrès International de Numismatique (Brussels, 1910) pp. 218-288.

J. G. Milne, Greek and Roman Coins and the Study of History (London, 1939).

C. H. V. Sutherland, Ancient Numismatics: A Brief Introduction (New York, 1958).


I. Carradice and M. Price, Coinage in the Greek World (London, 1988).

*G. K. Jenkins, Ancient Greek Coins (New York, 1972; 2nd ed. with revisions, London, 1990).

C. M. Kraay, “Hoards, Small Change and the Origin of Coinage,” Journal of Hellenic Studies 84 (1964), pp. 76-91.

J. H. Kroll and N. M. Waggoner, “Dating the Earliest Coins of Athens, Corinth and Aegina,” AJA 88 (1984), pp. 325-339.

E. T. Newell, Royal Greek Portrait Coins (New York, 1937).

*E. S. G. Robinson, “The Coins from the Ephesian Artemision Reconsidered,”Journal of Hellenic Studies 71 (1951), pp. 156-167.


*A. M. Burnett, Coinage in the Roman World (London, 1987).

T. V. Buttrey, “The Morgantina Excavations and the Date of the Roman Denarius,” Congresso Internazionale di Numismatica (Roma, 1961) II. Atti, pp. 261-267. Now reprinted as an appendix to T. V. Buttrey, K. Erim, and R. Ross Holloway, Morgantina Studies II. The Coins (Princeton, 1989).

K.W. Harl, Coinage in the Roman Economy, 300 B.C. to A.D. 700 (Johns Hopkins, 1996).


P. Grierson, Byzantine Coins (Berkeley and London, 1984) or P. D. Whitting,Byzantine Coins (London and New York, 1975).


P. Grierson, Coins of Medieval Europe (London, 1991).

*P. Grierson and M. Blackburn, Medieval European Coinage volume I: The Early Middle Ages (Cambridge, 1986).

*P. Spufford, Money and its Use in Medieval Europe (Cambridge, 1988).

A. Stahl, Zecca: The Mint of Venice in the Middle Ages (Johns Hopkins, 2000).


Articles on dinardirham and fals in Dictionary of the Middle AgesCoins and coinage, dinar, and dirham in Encyclopedia Iranica.

S. Album, A Checklist of Islamic Coins (2nd ed. Santa Rosa, 1998).

*M. L. Bates, Islamic Coins (ANS Handbook 2, New York, 1982).

*M. L. Bates, “Islamic Numismatics” in MESA Bulletin 12, nos. 2, 3 (1978); 13, nos. 1, 2 (1979).

South Asian

M. Alram and D.E. Klimburg-Salter, eds., Coins, Art and Chronology: Essay on the Pre-Islamic History of the Indo-Iranian Borderlands (Vienna, 1999).

P. L. Gupta, Coins (New Delhi, 1969).

P. P. Kulkarni, Bibliography of Indian Numismatics, Part II: Medieval and Modern 1971-80 (Varanasi, 1991).

M. Mitchiner, Oriental Coins and their Values: Non-Islamic States and Western Colonies, A.D. 600-1979 (London, 1979).

C. R. Singhal, Bibliography of Indian Coins I (Non-Mohammedan Series), 1950; II (Mohammedan and Later Series), 1952.

East Asian

*R. A. G. Carson, Coins: Ancient, Mediaeval, and Modern, 3 vols. (London, 1971).

See volume 2 for East Asian.


R. A. G. Carson, Coins: Ancient, Mediaeval, and Modern, 3 vols. (London, 1971).

See volume 3 for Modern.

W. Bagehot, Lombard Street: A Description of the Money Market (London, 1873).

K. E. Born, Geld und Banken im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert (= Kröners Taschenausgabe Band 428, Stuttgart, 1977). The available English translation is mediocre and omits the sections on Belgian and Swiss banking.

J. Porteous, Coins in History (New York, 1969).

W. Greider, Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country(New York, 1987) pp. 225-348.

“A Coiner’s Trial,” in Dick Hamilton, Lawyers and Lawbreakers (New York, 1991) pp. 96ff.


M. Jones, The Art of the Medal (London, 1979).

Monetary History

M. A. Cook, ed., Studies in the Economic History of the Middle East (London, 1970), articles by Ehrenkreutz, Goitein, Lewis, and Lopez/Miskimin/Udovitch.

G. P. Hennequin, “Problèmes théoriques et pratiques de la monnaie antique et medievale,” Annales Islamogiques (Cairo) 10 (1972), pp. 1-51 [ANS pamphlet file] or its abridgement, “Petite théorie monétaire utilisable en histoire ancienne et médiévale,” L’information historique 34 (1972), pp. 155-158.

F. C. Lane and R. C. Mueller, Money and Banking in Renaissance Venice I. Coins and Moneys of Account (Baltimore and London, 1985) pp. 1-101.

M. Lombard, Monnaie et histoire d’Alexandre à Mahomet (Paris, 1971).

A. M. Watson, “Back to Gold and Silver,” Economic History Review2 20 (1967), pp. 1-34.

M. Wirth, Geschichte der Handelskrisen (Frankfurt, 1890).

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