Publications Policies

The following policies apply to anything published by the American Numismatic Society.

Publication of Previously Unpublished Numismatic Material

All ANS publications adhere to the ANS Collections Management Policy on the presentation of numismatic material with no known provenience, designed to combat the illicit trade in antiquities.

Retraction Policy for Works Published by the American Numismatic Society

The editors of ANS publications (both print and digital) have the responsibility of accepting or rejecting manuscripts submitted for publication. In reaching any decision for publication, the editors are directed by the general policies of the publications, plagiarism analysis, evaluation of reviewer and editorial reports, and/or copyright infringement. Despite the above care taken with submitted manuscripts, there may be instances in which published work may need to be changed or retracted. The ANS’s publications follow the premises proposed by the Committee on Publication Ethics.


During a publication’s production cycle, there may be instances where plagiarism is discovered, wrongful authorship determined, or fraudulent data exposed. In these instances, the author(s) will be contacted regarding withdrawing the work completely, or correcting the faults in the work prior to resubmitting for publication. Authors may also opt to withdraw their work prior to publication for whatever reason prior to their work being typeset.


ANS Publications may decide to retract previously published work in order to amend and improve it, or to alert the readership about flaws/errors in research, research misconduct, plagiarism, failure to disclose conflicts of interest, and previously published research. In some cases, a correction may be issued instead to reflect honest mistakes, miscalculations, or other minor issues. ANS publications follow the retraction guidelines as proposed by the Committee on Publication Ethics:

  • The Notice of Retraction will be associated to the retracted work, clearly marked as such;
  • The name of the author(s), the title, and other citation aspects will be clearly presented for the retracted work;
  • In the digital edition of the retracted work, the retraction note will be visible with additional specifications and links for full disclosure of this publication practice. For PDF and POD versions, the terms “Retracted Work” will be visible on each page of the work;
  • A retraction note will be available to all readers;
  • The retraction notice will include the name and affiliation to the person retracting the work—either the author(s) or the editor(s)—and the reasons for the retraction;
  • Editors of the ANS’s publications will not use any defamatory or libelous language to diminish the author(s) of the retracted work.


Withdrawals and Retractions recommended by the ANS Director of Publications shall be formally authorized in writing by the Executive Director.

Adopted by the ANS Board of Trustees on May 20, 2017.

Send questions about the above policies to the ANS’s Director of Publications.