Journal of Early American Numismatics

The Journal of Early American Numismatics (JEAN) is an award-winning research journal based on the former Colonial Newsletter (CNL) dedicated to the study of early American numismatics. Founded in 1960, CNL continuously published some of the most scholarly and seminal studies in this area of numismatics. Focusing on the study of the coinages produced by the states during the Confederation period of the United States, CNL also investigated a variety of other specie that the U.S.’s forefathers used in their daily lives.

JEAN expands the focus of CNL with contributions on numismatics of all of the Americas during the same time period covered by CNL, and is published as a bound scholarly journal in June and December.

Submit proposals for articles to editor Christopher McDowell. Please note that JEAN has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism, and will not publish articles that include items currently in (or currently being prepared for) commerce.


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Numismatic Literary Guild Awards 2020
Best Feature Article on Early American Coins: “The Authentic Fugio Restrike Dies” by Chris McDowell and Julia Casey
Best Feature Article on Numismatic History or Personalities: “John J. Ford: A Life in Three Portraits” by Q. David Bowers
James L. Miller Memorial Award for Article of the Year: “The Authentic Fugio Restrike Dies” by Chris McDowell and Julia Casey

Numismatic Literary Guild Awards 2019
Best Club or Not-for-Profit Periodical