2022 ANS Calendar

January 2022

01/03ANS Closed New Year’s Day observed
01/132022 Annual Gala Dinner in Honor of David Hendin
01/17ANS Closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
01/21LT No. 77 Daily Bread: Observations on Archaic Greek Markets and Small Change with Peter van Alfen
01/28LT No. 78 Loonies, Toonies, and Tombac: Vault Favorites from the Canadian Cabinet with Jesse Kraft
01/29Money Talks Paying Attention: Images of Monuments on Roman Imperial Coins

February 2022

02/09ANS Lyceum: Persian Period and Basics
02/11LT No. 80 Really BIG Money with Ellen Feingold
02/12Learning about Cicero, Caesar and Vergil via Coins: Cicero’s Pro Archia Poeta and Pro Lege Manilia
02/16Learning about Cicero, Caesar and Vergil via Coins: Cicero’s Pro Archia Poeta and Pro Lege Manilia
02/18LT No. 81 Using Coins Outside the Marketplace: Roman coins from Sardis, Turkey with Jane DeRose Evans
02/19Learning about Cicero, Caesar and Vergil via Coins: Caesar’s Bellum Gallicum and Bellum Civile 
02/23ANS Lyceum: Jewish Royal Coinage II
02/25LT No. 82 Coins in Shakespeare with Mike Markowitz
02/26Learning about Cicero, Caesar and Vergil via Coins: Vergil’s Aeneid

March 2022

03/02ANS Lyceum: The Jewish Wars
03/04LT No. 83 with Ulrich Künker
03/09ANS Lyceum: New Testament Coins and Conservation and Forgeries
03/11LT No. 84 An Introduction to the Function and Design of Medals with Scott Miller
03/16ANS Lyceum: Roman Provincial Coins of the Ancient Holy Land
03/18LT No. 85 The Significance of Architectural Representations on Roman Coinage, Part II with Dr. Nathan Elkins
03/24Language, Value, and the Circulation of Spanish-American Small Change in the Early United States with Dr. Jesse Kraft
03/25 LT No. 86 Femina Princeps’ and her Exceptional Numismatic Accolades with Dr. Tracene Harvey

April 2022

04/01LT No. 87 From Republic Crises to Imperial Ideals? A View from the Roman Coinage of the 40s–30s BCE with Hannah Cornwell
04/08 LT No. 88 On the Nickle Galleries at the University of Calgary with Marina Fischer
04/13ANS Lyceum: Numismatic Methods and Theories—General Introduction; Stylistic Analysis
04/15ANS Closed (Good Friday)
04/20ANS Lyceum: Numismatic Methods and Theories—Die Studies
04/21 Money Talks: Payment, Profit, or Prestige? The Political Economy of Achaemenid Coin Production, ca. 550–330 BCE with Peter van Alfen
04/22LT No. 89 with ANS Librarian and Archivist David Hill
04/27ANS Lyceum: Numismatic Methods and Theories—Hoard Studies
04/29LT No. 90 Like Stickers on a Steamer Trunk: A Century of American Merchant Countermarks on Foreign Coins, 1770-1870 John Kraljevich

May 2022

05/04ANS Lyceum: Numismatic Methods and Theories—Metallurgical Analysis
05/11ANS Lyceum: Numismatic Methods and Theories—Metrology and Weight Standards
05/13LT 92 Coins and the Colosseum with Richard Beleson
05/14Board of Trustees Meeting (10:30 am)
05/18ANS Lyceum: Numismatic Methods and Theories—Statistical Analysis
05/20LT 93 A Mysterious Medallion of Antoninus Pius with Ben Lee Damsky
5/27LT 94 The Newman Portal and ANS Archives with Len Augsburger and Kim Dumas

June 2022

06/06Eric P. Newman Graduate Summer Seminar begins
06/10LT No. 96 Ancient Coin Conservation with Almoatz-bellah Elshahawi
06/17LT No. 97 Researching the Belleville Mint with Bill Dalzell
06/24LT No. 98 The Yale Numismatic Collection with Benjamin Hellings

July 2022

07/09LT No. 99 with Sarah Bond
07/29Eric P. Newman Graduate Summer Seminar ends

August 2022

08/19LT. 109 Don’t be Afraid of Technology: Using Sophisticated Techniques to Evaluate Ancient Coins with Dr. Ronald Bude

September 2022

09/9–16ANS Closed for the XVI INC International Numismatics Congress

October 2022

10/15Board of Trustees Meeting (10:30 am)
10/152022 Annual Meeting