Currency with Consequences

Currency with Consequences: Circulating Counterfeits in the United States

Saturday, May 16, 2020
1:00 pm EST

This Money Talks will be held live via video conference. As with any Money Talks, you will be able to ask questions and hear responses in real time. The session is open to ANS members only. RSVP to Emma Pratte at to get the link. 

Counterfeit money has circulated in the United States for more than 350 years. From 17th-century Massachusetts silver to 20th-century Jefferson nickels and present-day paper currency, virtually no type of money has escaped the scruples of a counterfeiter. Many have gone to great lengths to replicate genuine coins in order to successfully pass their pieces to unsuspecting victims. Some counterfeit coins and currency circulated for years before the truth came to light. At the same time, a coterie of vigilantes were always on the lookout for fake money, and seemingly longed to bring an end to a small-time forger or a large counterfeiting ring. Join Dr. Jesse Kraft to discuss the various methods that counterfeiters used to deceive, follies that led to their demise, and the punishments that they ultimately received.

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