Summer Seminar 2002

The 2002 Graduate Seminar (front row, left to right): Spencer Pope, George Fiske, Shannan Stewart, Haim Gitler, Julie Langsford-Johnson, and Scott van Horn; (back row, left to right): Elena Stolyarik, Michael Bates, Peter van Alfen, Sebastian Heath, and Frank Campbell.


Program Director
Peter van Alfen Assistant Curator of Greek Coins, American Numismatic Society
Visiting Scholar in Residence
Haim Gitler Curator of Numismatics, Israel Museum (Jerusalem, Israel)
Michael L. Bates Curator of Islamic Coins, ANS
Edward E. Cohen
Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert
Sebastian Heath Director of Information Technology, ANS
Robert Hoge Curator of U.S. Coins and Currency, ANS
Paul Keyser
Elena Stolyarik Collections Manager, ANS
Ute Wartenberg Kagan Executive Director, ANS
George Fiske Columbia University
Julie Langsford-Johnson Indiana University
Spencer Pope Brown University
Shannan Stewart The University of Wisconsin
Scott Van Horn Loyola University

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