Graduate Summer Seminar 1977

Program Director
Margaret Thompson Chief Curator, American Numismatic Society
Visiting Scholar in Residence
Herbert A. Cahn Münzen und Medaillen A.G. (Basel, Switzerland)
Michael L. Bates Associate Curator of Islamic Coins, ANS
Richard Brilliant Professor of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University
Michael Di Biase Photographer, ANS
Richard Doty Associate Curator of Modern Coins, ANS
Philip Grierson Professor of Mediaeval Numismatics, University of Cambridge (Cambridge, England) / Professor of Numismatics and the History of Coinage, University of Brussels
Arthur A. Houghton III Washington, D.C.
Rose Chan Houston Associate Curator of Far Eastern Coins, ANS
William E. Metcalf Associate Curator of Roman and Byzantine Coins, ANS
Eric P. Newman St. Louis, Missouri
Hyla A. Troxell Upper Montclair, New Jersey
Nancy M. Waggoner Curator of Greek Coins, ANS
Sarah B. Aleshire University of California, Berkeley
Bettina Bergmann Columbia University
Jean M. Bickal Emory University
Carol Bier Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
Nicholas F. Jones University of Pittsburgh
Nancy Moore Princeton University
Jennifer Neils Princeton University
Lawrence Okamura University of Michigan
Dale S. Sinos Howard University
Robert S. Wicks Cornell University
Heather S. Wilkinson Institute for Advanced Study

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