Greek Numismatics and Archaeology: Essays in Honor of Margaret Thompson

Greek Numismatics and Archaeology: Essays in Honor of Margaret Thompson

edited by Otto Mørkholm and Nancy M. Waggoner (Editions NR, 1979)

Hardcover, 326 pp., 41 pls.

This volume contains 30 articles (most of them in English) by prominent numismatists specializing in Greek coinage.


Cahn, Herbert A. “Olynthus” and Syracuse.
Buttrey, T. V. – The Athenian currency law of 375/4 B.C.
Jones, Frances Follin – Fifteen turtles and tortoises.
Holloway, R. Ross – The bronze coinage of Agathocles / R. Ross Holloway.
Harrison, Evelyn B. – The iconography of the eponymous heroes on the Parthenon and in the Agora.
Jenkins, G. Kenneth. – A Tarentine footnote.
Meshorer, Yaakov. – Sepphoris and Rome.
Nicolet-Pierre , Helene – Les monnaies des deux derniers satrapes d’Egypte avant la conquete d’Alexandre.
Kleiner, Fred S. – The late Cistophori of Apameia.
Mildenberg, Leo. – Yehud : a preliminary study of the provincial coinage of Judea
Metcalf, William E. – New and noteworthy from Roman Alexandria. Pescennius Niger-Diadumenian.
Price, Martin Jessop. – On attributing Alexanders – some cautionary tales.
Kraay, Colin M. – The Isparta hoard.
Mitrea, Bucur. – Un tetradrachme Athenien du nouveau style decouvert en Dacie.
Morkholm, Otto. – The portrait coinage of Ptolemy V : the main series.
Naster, Paul. – Empreintes de sceaux hellenistiques de Warka et monnaies seleucides.
Oeconomides, Mando Caramessini. – The 1970 Myrina hoard of Aeginetan staters.
Kroll, John H. A chronology of early Athenian bronze coinage, ca. 350-250 B.C.
Zervos, Orestes H. – Near Eastern elements in the tetradrachms of Alexander the Great : the eastern mints.
Thompson, Dorothy Burr. – A numismatic comentary on the Ptolemaic cult oinochoai.
Thompson, Margaret. – A bibliography of the works of Margaret Thompson.
Waggoner, Nancy M. – Tetradrachms from Babylon.
Troxell, Hyla A. – Winged carians.
Weinberg, Gladys Davidson. On numismatic evidence.
Westermark, Ulla. Overstrikes of Taras on didrachms of Acragas.