American Journal of Numismatics 19



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Alain G. Elayi, Jean-Noël Barrandon, and Josette Elayi. The Devaluation of Sidonian Silver Coinage in 365 BCE and the First Bronze Issues
Robert Weir. The Stymphalos Hoard of 1999 and the City’s Defenses
Joel Allen. The Gold Coinage of Trajan Dated COS V
Martin Beckmann. Trajan’s Gold Coinage, AD 112–117
Michael Fedorov. The Enigma of ‘Aḍud al-Dawla Kuch Tegīn Resolved
John S. Huffstot. On the Possibility That Athanagild’s Name Appears in the Visigoths’ Coinage: Evidence from a Late “Victory with Palm and Wreath” Coin and Tomasini’s Corpus
Oliver D. Hoover. A Note on the Liberty Reverse Type of the Connecticut Coppers (1785–1788)
Sebastian Heath, Andrew Meadows, and Peter van Alfen. Acquisitions for 2006 in the American Numismatic Society Collection

American Journal of Numismatics 3/4


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J. Elayi and a. G. Elayi. The First Coinage of Sidon with a Galley Bearing the So-Called Triangular Sail

F. de Callatay. Athenian New Style Tetradrachms in Macedonian Hoards

Krzysztof Nawotka. Asander of the Bosporus: His Coinage and Chronology

Stuart Munro-Hav. Forgeries of the Aksumite Series

D. M. Metcalf, J. M. P. Cabral, and L. C. Alves. Sixth Century Visigothic Metrology, Some Evidence from Portugal

Gerald M. Browne. A New Coin Legend for Prakasaditya

Garo Kurkman. A Divani Dated Coin of 567 of the Manguchakids; and Coins of 936 (Not 1036) of Sulayman the Magnificent

Louis Waldman. Varrone d’Agniolo Belferdino’s Commemorative Medal of an Unknown Lady

Joseph H. Lasser. The Cobs of Cartagena, 1622–1655

John W. Adams. The Virginia Happy While United Medal

Richard G. Doty. Juaristas, Imperialistas, and Centavos: Decimalization and Civil War in Mexico, 1857–1870

Giles F. Carter and Ross S. Nord. Calculation of the Average Die Lifetimes and the Number of Anvils for Coinage in Antiquity

Warren W. Esty and Giles F. Carter. The Distribution of the Number of Coins Struck by Dies

Charles A. Hersh. At Last, Morgantina. Reviewing Buttrey, Erim, Groves, and Holloway, Morgantina Studies 2: The Coins

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