American Journal of Numismatics 9


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ISBN-10: 0-89722-267-9
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  • Arthur Houghton. Some Seleucid Test Pieces
  • L. A. Saryan. An Unpublished Silver Drachm Attributed to Artaxias III (A.D. 18–34) of Armenia
  • Kevin Butcher and Matthew Ponting. A Study of the Chemical Composition of Roman Silver Coinage, A.D. 196–97
  • Gerald M. Browne. The Elephant-Rider Dinaras of Kumaragupta I
  • Touraj Daryaee. The Use of Religio-Political Propaganda on the Coinage of Xusro II
  • Elizabeth M. Nuxoll. A Generation of Numismatic Cooperation: Findings on the Notes and Coins of the Confederation through the Papers of Robert Morris
  • T. V. Buttrey. False Western American Gold Bars
  • S. E. Buttrey and T. V. Buttrey. Calculating Ancient Coin Production, Again. Reviewing de Callatay, Depeyrot, and Villaronga, L’Argent monnaye d’Alexandre le grand a Augusle, and de Callatay, “Calculating Ancient Coin Production; Seeking a Balance
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