Canada’s Money


(Coinage of the Americas Conference Proceedings 8, 1994)

edited by John M. Kleeberg

Hardcover, 159 pp.
ISBN-13: 978-0-89722-252-5
ISBN-10: 0-89722-252-0
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This volume is a record of the Coinage of the Americas Conference (COAC) held in 1992.


An American Collector’s Guide to the Coins of Nouvelle France (Michael Hodder)

Boulton, Watt and the Canadian Adventure (Richard G. Doty)

The Magdalen Island Token (Frank Katen and Barry Tayman)

The Powell and the Sutherland Golden Wedding Commemoratives (Warren Baker)

The So-Called English Issues of the Bank of Montreal (J. Graham Esler)

Medallic Memorials of the Visit of the Prince of Wales to North America in 1860 (Scott Miller)

Patterns and Trial Pieces of Canada (Hillel Kaslove)

The Coinage of The Americas Conference is an annual meeting that provides a forum for exchange of knowledge on a selected theme in the numismatics of the western hemisphere.