Coinage of the Caravan Kingdoms


(Ancient Coins in North American Collections 10, 2010)

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Hardback, 162 pp

ACNAC 10 accompanies the ANS’s Coinage of the Caravan Kingdoms: Studies in the Monetization of Ancient Arabia. Built over the last 20 years, the Martin Huth collection of pre-Islamic coins covering all parts of the Arabian Peninsula represents the largest assembly of such material ever put together, exceeding by far the holdings of existing Museum collections. 480 coins are fully described and illustrated on more than 70 plates. A comprehensive epigraphic index lists all inscriptions and monograms found on these intriguing series. Together with its sister volume—where many of the collection coins are discussed in detail—ACNAC 10 will serve as a reference volume for Arabian coins for years to come.


Overview of the Main Arabian Coin Types
The Levantine Coast and Gaza
North West Arabia
Idumaea or Kingdom of Lihyan
Nabataean Coinage
Eastern Arabia
Coinage of the Western Arabian Gulf
Coinage of the Kingdom of Hagar
Coinage of the Oman Peninsula
South Arabia
Minaean (?) Coinage
Sabaean Coinage
Qatabanian Coinage
Himyarite Coinage
Coinage of Hadramawt
South Arabian Incerti
Foreign Coins from South Arabia
Epigraphic Index

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