Hacksilber to Coinage: New Insights into the History of the Near East and Greece


(Numismatic Studies 24, 2001)

edited by Miriam S. Balmuth

Hardcover, 136 pp.
ISBN-13: 978-0-89722-281-5
ISBN-10: 0-89722-281-4

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The silver hoard from Tel Dor (Ephraim Stern)
The Tel Mique-Ekron silver hoards: The Assyrian and Phoenician connections (Seymour Gitin and Amir Golani)
The Silver Trail: response to the papers of Ephraim Stern and Seymour Gitlin (William G Dever)
The impact on the natural sciences of Hacksilber and early silver coinage (Zofia A Stos-Gale)
The conceptual prehistory of money and its impact on the Greek economy (David M Schaps)
Observations on monetary instruments in pre-coinage Greece (John H Kroll)
Analyzing and interpreting the metallurgy of early electrum coins (Paul T Keyser and David D Clark)
Remarks on the value and standards of early electrum coins (Robert Wallace)