Studies on Early Byzantine Gold Coinage


(Numismatic Studies 17, 1988)

edited by Wolfgang Hahn and William E. Metcalf

Hardcover, 142 pp., 24 pls.
ISBN-13: 978-0-89722-225-9
ISBN-10: 0-89722-225-3
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Introduction (Wolfgang Hahn and William E. Metcalf)
The Joint Reign Gold of Justin I and Justinian I (William E. Metcalf)
The Monte Judica Hoard and the Sicilian Moneta Auri under Justininan I and Justin II (Niall Fairhead and Wolfgang Hahn)
Carthage: The Moneta Auri under Justinian I and Justin II, 537–578 (Cécile Morrisson)
The Minting of Gold Coinage at Thessalonica in the Fifth and Sixth Centuries and the Gold Currency of Illyricum and Dalmatia (D. M. Metcalf)
Seventh-Century Byzantine Coins in Southern Russia and the Problem of Light Weight Solidi (John Smedley)
Microchemical Analysis of the Metal Content of Some Eight-Century Coins of Rome and Ravenna (Wolfgang Hahn)
The Debasement of the Provincial Byzantine Gold Coinage from the Seventh to Ninth Centuries (W. A. Oddy)