Numismatic Commemorations of the 200th Birthday of George Washington in 1932

by Sydney F. Martin

Hardcover ISBN 978-0-89722-371-3
Paperback ISBN 978-0-89722-378-2
600 pp., full-color figs. throughout

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The celebration of the bicentennial of the birth of George Washington in 1932 is perhaps the largest public demonstration of singularity of purpose the world has ever seen. Beginning in 1924 with the establishment of a National Committee chaired by the President of the United States and culminating with an incredible level of activity during 1932, it stands as a testimonial to our Founding Father. Representing a lifetime of collecting numismatic monuments to Washington, Martin’s book serves as a guide to the richness of 1932’s output, documenting hundreds of examples from across the United States. The book is divided into six chapters: Background and Purpose; Coins, Medals, Tokens, and Badges; Lapel Pins, Buttons, and Brooches; Ribbon-Badges; Plaques; and Die-Stamped and Cast Novelties. Appendixes of manufacturers and acronyms, bibliography, and general index follow.


Watch Syd Martin’s 2020 Huntington Award lecture on the topic of this volume.


Sydney F. Martin (1945–2021) was a Life Member of the Colonial Coin Collectors Club (C4), and for 10+ years was the editor of its award-winning quarterly C4 Newsletter. He was a life member, Fellow, and Past President of the American Numismatic Society (ANS).

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