Limited-Edition Levick Plate

LevickPlateImage1ANS member James A. Neiswinter has recreated the plate from Joseph N.T. Levick’s 1869 article, “Types and Varieties of the U.S. Cent, 1793” (see page 69 of ANS Magazine, Volume 7 Number 2). A limited edition (100) of these plates will be available through the ANS for $100. The plate reproductions are in color, mounted on ivory paper, and feature all twenty-two known 1793 varieties, issued in the same format as the original. They are numbered and will come with a key showing both Sheldon and Breen numbers, as well as rarity ratings.

Price: $100

Membership Medal

The ANS Member’s Medal has been a feature of our Society since 1875. Early Member’s Medals were designed by George H. Lovett, Victor D. Brenner and Gutzon Borglum. The current medal is the 1977 creation of sculptor Frank Eliscu. The 2 1/2 inch bronze medal features a high relief owl on the obverse and the Society’s emblem of an oak leaf cluster on the reverse. The Member’s Medal is available to ANS members only.

Price: $50 BRONZE (ANS members only)

ANS Endowment Medal

The design of this two-piece medal by Janos Kalmar of Budapest was selected from over 40 entries in an international competition. This 3 x 3 inch medal is the first ANS cast medal in over 70 years. It was produced at the C. A. Brown Foundry, Cranston, RI and has been given a custom patina by Hugo Greco of Danbury, CT. The medal is available for purchase in bronze. Silver medals were given to donors of $5000 or more in the Society’s 1988 Endowment campaign.

Price: $100 (no member discount)

Columbus Quincentennial Medal

This highly sculptural medal is the work of Magdalena Dobrucka of Warsaw, Poland. The design was selected in an international competition which elicited more than 100 designs from 16 countries. The medal has been struck by the J. Jenkins Sons Company of Baltimore, MD. Serially numbered medals are available in bronze with a special dark patina and in sterling silver.

Bronze Price: $60 plus shipping

Silver Price: $150 plus shipping

(no member discounts)

Medal Material

Donald Groves Medal

Donald Groves Medal

This medal commemorates the Society’s move from its former home at Audubon Terrace to downtown Manhattan. Designed by Eugene Daub, it was struck in bronze by the Medallic Art Company.

Available in bronze.
Regular price: $200.00
Members price: $175.00