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American Journal of Numismatics 27


Hardback, illus., 258 pp., 58 plates
ISSN 0078-2781
ISBN 13: 978-0-89722-343-0.

Price: $75.00

Andy Meadows, Editor
Oliver D. Hoover, Managing Editor


  • Fernando López Sánchez and Daniel Gómez Castro. The Gaza 1960s Hoard: An Assemblage of Archaic Greek Coins
  • Kenneth Sheedy, Damian B. Gore, and Matthew Ponting. The Bronze Issues of the Athenian General Timotheus: Evaluating the Evidence of Polyaenus’s Stratagemata
  • Catharine C. Lorber. A Hoard of Tetradrachms of Alexander III and Philip III, November 2003
  • Lloyd W. H. Taylor. From Triparadeisos to Ipsos: Seleukos I Nikator’s Uncertain Mint 6A in Babylonia
  • Eric Carlen. The Final Phase Coinage of ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ Tetradrachms Dated According to an Uncertain Era
  • Yoav Farhi. Cleopatra in Gaza(?): A Hitherto Unpublished Coin Type from Gaza and the First Year of Coinage in Gaza under Roman Rule
  • Craig A. Harvey. A Possible Hoard of Judaean and Nabataean Coins from Cyprus
  • Clive Stannard, GisÈle Gentric, Jean-Albert Chevillon, and Jean-Claude Richard Ralite. Coins of the Pompeian Pseudomint and of the Italo-Baetican Series from Southern France
  • Martin Beckmann. The Function of the Attribute of Liberalitas and its use in the Congiarium
  • Ceren Ünal. The “Tralleis Hoard” and the Reflection of the Iconoclastic Idea in Byzantine Coin Iconography
  • Irakli Paghava and George Janjgava. Revising Georgian-Sasanian Coinage: A New (Third) Type Drama of Gurgen
  • Aram Vardanyan. Seeking Political Compromise: The Dulafid Governors of Jibāl and their Coinage
  • Konstantin Kravtsov and Olga Stepanova. An Ottoman Coin with the Countermarked Portrait of Carl XII from the Hermitage Collection
  • Review of Danny Syon’s Small Change in Hellenistic-Roman Galilee: The Evidence from Numismatic Site Finds as a Tool for Historical Reconstruction by David Hendin

American Journal of Numismatics 28


Hardback, illus., 271 pp., 60 plates
ISSN 1053-8356
ISBN 13: 978-0-89722-348-5.

Price: $75.00

Ute Wartenberg, Editor
David Yoon, Editor
Oliver D. Hoover, Managing Editor


  • Laure Marest-Caffey. Seleukos I’s Victory Coinage of Susa Revisited: A Die Study and Commentary
  • David Schwei. The Reactions of Mint Workers to the Tumultuous Second Reign of Demetrius II Nicator
  • Aneurin Ellis-Evans. The Koinon of Athena Ilias and its Coinage
  • Kris Lockyear. The Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic Database: The History, the Data, and the Potential
  • Michael Fedorov. Notes on the Early Medieval Numismatics of Central Asia
  • Aram Vardanyan. The Administration of the ‘Abbasid North and the Evidence of Copper Coins (AH 142–218/AD 759–833)
  • Damiano Acciarino. Ancient Roman Colonial Coins in Renaissance Europe
  • Review of Aux origines de la monnaie fiduciaire: traditions métallurgiques et innovations numismatiques. Actes de l’atelier international des 16 et 17 novembre 2012 à Tours by Alain Bresson