American Journal of Numismatics 30

Hardback, illus., 275 pp., 38 plates
ISSN 1053-8356
ISBN 13: 978-0-89722-354-6

Price: $75.00

Ute Wartenberg, Editor
David Yoon, Editor
Oliver D. Hoover, Managing Editor


  • Lloyd W. H. Taylor. The Earliest Alexander III Tetradrachm Coinage of Babylon: Iconographic Development and Chronology
  • Paul Vādan. the Posthumous Alexander Tetradrachms of Magnesia on the Maeander
  • Oliver D. Hoover. The Personification of Apameia
  • Clive Stannard, Jean-Albert Chevillon, and Alejandro G. Sinner. More Coins of the Pompeian Pseudomint from France
  • Lucia Carbone. The Unpublished Iberian Lead Tokens in the Richard B. Witschonke Collection at the Amercian Numismatic Society.
  • Georges Abou Diwan. Base-Metal Coinage Circulation in Byzantine Beirut, 491–641 CE
  • Ruth Pliego. Kings’ Names on Visigothic Bronze Coins: A New Minimus from Ispali in the Name of Leovigild
  • David Yoon, Sara T. Levi, Annunziata Ollà, and Gabriella Tigano. Medieval Coins from the Site of San Vincenzo on the Island of Stromboli, Italy
  • Lyce Jankowski. History of the Chiese Collection at the American Numismatic Society