American Journal of Numismatics 29

Hardback, illus., 275 pp., 38 plates
ISSN 1053-8356
ISBN 13: 978-0-89722-348-5

Price: $75.00

Ute Wartenberg, Editor
David Yoon, Editor
Oliver D. Hoover, Managing Editor


  • Nathaniel J. Andrade. The Silver Coinage of Syrian Manbog (Hierapolis-Bambyke)
  • Lloyd W. H. Taylor. The Damaskos Mint of Alexander the Great
  • D. Alex Walthall. Numismatic Material from Late Third-Century Contexts at Morgantina (Sicily)
  • Jane Sancinito. The Antiochene Coinage of Trajan Decius (249–251 CE)
  • Peter Bartlett, David Yoon, and Ruth Pliego. Weight, Fineness, and Debasement in Visigothic Tremisses from Theudis to Leovigild: New Evidence from the Hoards of Seville and Reccopolis
  • Anwer Ahmedzhanov. Hedlinger’s Rouble
  • Phillip B. Wagoner and Pankaj Tandon. The Bahmani “Currency Reform” of the Early Fifteenth Century in Light of the Akola Hoard
  • Michael Zachary. The General Issue Ten-Cash Coins of the Republic of China: Noteworthy Examples in the ANS Collection

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