A standalone numismatic database of Public Domain, Fair Use objects from private collections or archival auction catalogs published by the American Numismatic Society.

SITNAM: Integrated Technology for Non-LOD and Auction Materials is a stand-alone database published by the American Numismatic Society to record numismatic objects from private collections, auction catalogs, and public museums that have not yet made their collections accessible online through Linked Open Data methodologies. As of December 2020, SITNAM serves as the holding database for the Roman Republican Die Project, which includes materials accumulated in the personal research notes of Richard Schaefer. The scope of SITNAM will be expanded ad hoc to store numismatic data necessary for other digital type corpora, such as Hellenistic Royal Coinages. Please use the Feedback form to inform us of errors in transcription or attribution or if any coins in SITNAM appear to be duplicates of those available in other Nomisma.org affiliated projects.

The numismatic metadata are openly reusable through an Open Database License, and the images are made available through U.S. Fair Use copyright law for educational research.

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