Sebastian Heath

HeathResearch Scientist

AB, Medieval Studies, Brown University; PhD, Classical Art and Archaeology, University of Michigan

Sebastian Heath is a specialist in Roman pottery, numismatics and the application of digital technologies to the study of the ancient Mediterranean world. In addition to his position at the ANS, he is a Research Assistant Professor at NYU's Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. He has participated in excavation and survey in Cyprus, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Tunisia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Current research includes the publication of Roman pottery from the Lower City at Troy. He is co-editor with Billur Tekkök of the digital publication Greek, Roman and Byzantine Pottery at Ilion (Troia) and also co-edits The Pylos Regional Archaeological Project: Internet Edition. Dr. Heath has served as the Vice President for Professional Responsibilities of the Archaeological Institute of America and is a Consulting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Selected Publications:

  • (with D. Yoon). "A sixth-century tremissis from Psalmodi (Gard, France)."American Journal of Numismatics Second Series 13 (2001): 63-80. (full text)
  • Roman Provinicial Coins and Imperial Chronology from Elagabalus to Valerian in ANS Magazine.
  • "A Box Mirror Made from Two Antinous Medallions of Smyrna." American Journal of Numismatics Second Series 18 (2006): 63-74. (full text)
  • "Diversity and Reuse of Digital Resources for Ancient Mediterranean Material Culture" in Bodard and Mahony, eds., Digital Research in the Study of Classical Antiquity Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 35-52. (full text)
  • Accepted (with B. Tekkök and J. Wallrodt) 'Post-Bronze Age Ceramic Data at Ilion, from In-Field Use to Digital Publication.' In Troia 1988−2008 − ergebnisse der grabung, Bd. i. mainz. (forthcoming, title of volume subject to change). (preprint)
  • "Beginning the Dialog: An Archaeologist's Perspective" in the ANS Magazine (online)
  • "Trading at the Edge: Pottery, Coins, and Household Objects at Dura Europos" in J. Chi and S. Heath (edd.), Edge of Empires: Pagans, Jews, and Christians at Roman Dura-Europos New York: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (2011), pp. 63-73. (online)

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