Seleucid Coins (part 1) 111

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Subtype Ön Yüz Arka Yüz Bu Tipin Örnekleri
Seleucid Coins (part 1) 111A
  • Tip: Beardless head of Heracles right wearing lion skin headdress
  • Tanrı: Herkül
  • Tip: Zeus seated on high-backed throne left, holding eagle on outstretched right hand and sceptre in left
  • Sembol (RightField): Μ
  • Sembol (OuterLeftField): anchor, flukes upward
  • Sembol (UnderThrone): Houghton Monogram 299.3 symbol, consists of Μ, Ε, and Υ
  • Tanrı: Zeus