Links to External Websites

Links to External Websites

This list does not link directly to commercial sites. You can find a list of US dealers through the ANA's Dealer Directory or the Professional Numismatists Guild Find PNG Dealers.  This page is not intended as a comprehensive list of numismatic web sites but rather a collection of useful starting points. Many of the sites listed here maintain their own list of links and readers may find it useful to follow those.
The ANS does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Government Sites

Numismatic and Related Organizations


(This section lists the web pages of public collections from around the world. While many of these do have images of coins, some just list information such as hours or a contact for arranging access.)

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Virtual Galleries and Related Web-sites

(This section lists non-commericial sites that feature a large number of coins or which provide other resources for numismatic study.)

Discussion Groups

  • Amnumsoc-L: Announcements and discussion about the ANS and its programs. Commercial postings are strictly prohibited from this list.
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  • Barbarized: Discussion about 'barbarized' coins of the Roman Empire.
  • Yahoo groups Islamic_Coins
  • Moneta-L: Ancient and Medieval Coinage
  • Numismatics subreddit
  • Numism-l: Ancient and medieval coins. There is no web site for this list. Subscribe by sending "sub NUMISM-L <your name>" to

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