Numismatic Literature

Numismatic Literature was the Society's annotated bibliography of published work in all fields of numismatics. At its core NumLit was a text archive that supports multiple delivery formats, one that was designed for longevity in the face of rapid technological innovation. For users, NumLit existed as subject and author indexes that were regularly updated as new titles are entered. The titles were also listed in the reverse order of when they were added. It had been published since 1947 and the final published volume is No. 149 (2007). Please note that NumLit is no longer published. All previous volumes of Numismatic Literature may be read and downloaded via HathiTrust at no charge.


Volumes 144–149 are available in an electronic XML format.  The central component was the archival XML file from which multiple versions of NumLit could be generated. These included a PDF version for printing, a plain text list for weekly delivery via e-mail, and as a database for on-line searching. XML is a standard for the storage and delivery of textual data that is growing rapidly and has the backing of both international bodies and commercial concerns so that we were able to take advantage of an increasing number of software tools by choosing it for NumLit.