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AJN282The American Journal of Numismatics annually publishes original research in all areas of numismatics, in the form of articles or short notes. Articles relating numismatic research to wider questions of economic and social history, archaeology, and related disciplines are particularly welcome. Questions and proposals should be emailed to Nathan T. Elkins (ancient topics) or David Yoon (medieval, modern, and other, non-ancient topics).

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1897–1924 (AJN first series)
1989–Present (AJN second series)

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Current Volume (No. 31, 2019)

  • Charlotte Potts. Made in Etruria: Recontextualizing the Ramo Secco
  • Lloyd W. H. Taylor. Birds of Feather, Brothers in Arms: The Coinage of Andragoras and Sophytes
  • Zahra Alinezhad, Arthur Houghton, and Mostafa Dehpahlavan. New Light on Uncertain Mint 65
  • Eric Carlen. The Spearhead and Monogram Coinage of Ptolemy V
  • Dominic Machado. The Distribution and Circulation of the Victoriatus in Northern Italy
  • Martin Beckmann. The Gold Coinage of Hadrian, AD 130–138
  • David Woods. Gallienus, Amalthea, and the Pietas Faleri
  • Qi Xiaoyan. Samarqand’s Cast Coinage from the Early Seventh to the Mid-Eighth Century AD: An Assessment Based on Chinese Sources and Numismatic Evidence
  • Jeremy A. Simmons. Making Sense of Nonsense: Approaches to Greco-Roman Legends on Western Kṣatrapa Coinage
  • Jake Benson. Curious Colors of Currency: Security Marbling on Financial Instruments During the Long Eighteenth Century
  • Frank Kovacs. The Medal of Honor of the Union League of Philadelphia

Editorial Committee (2018)

John W. Adams (Boston, Massachusetts)
Jere L. Bacharach (University of Washington)
Gilles Bransbourg (American Numismatic Society)
Andrew Burnett (British Museum)
Wolfgang Fischer-Bossert (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Evridiki Georganteli (Harvard University)
Kenneth W. Harl (Tulane University)
Jonathan Kagan (New York, New York)
Paul T. Keyser (Google)
John M. Kleeberg (New York, New York)
John H. Kroll (Oxford, England)
Ira Rezak (Stony Brook, New York)
Stuart D. Sears (Westport, Massachusetts)
Peter van Alfen (American Numismatic Society)
Bernhard Weisser (Münzkabinett, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin)