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Conflict Antiquities Symposium

ANS, 1944.100.30790
ANS, 1944.100.30790

Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Executive Director of the American Numismatic Society, will be speaking on the subject of “Coin Collecting and the Conflict in Syria” this evening as part of a symposium co-sponsered by the U.S. Department of State and The Metropolitan Museum of Art . “Conflict Antiquities: Forging a Public/Private Response to Save the Endangered Patrimony of Iraq and Syria” features two panels of experts that will review international cooperation against looting in Iraq and Syria and discuss a new initiative to combat the trade in conflict antiquities. The event will be live-streamed starting at 4:30PM EDT:  http://bcove.me/0r5bhzji

Additional details are available from the U.S. Department of State website

*Header image is the obverse of a rare silver antoninianus of Vabalathus Augustus (266-272 CE) minted in Antioch.