ANS Receives Grant to Clean U.S. Large Cent Collection

(Please note: the announcement below was an April fool’s prank. Enjoy!)

The ANS is pleased to announce today that it has received a Rockefeller-Noggin grant that will be used to conserve its important collection of early U.S. large cents.

After decades of neglect, dust dirt and grime have taken their toll on this part of our collection. This results in a a layer of corrosion, tarnish and oils that cause the once brilliant gleaming coin to have a dull dark brown appearance making photography of these items very difficult. The ANS photographer, Alan Roche, took the initiative to apply for a grant from the prestigious Rockefeller-Noggin Institute to restore the coins to their original lustre. The successful application means the Society will receive $20,000 in funding to hire personnel and purchase conservation materials, including 50 gallons of Brasso™, to conserve approximately 10,000 coins. The work is to commence immediately.

8 thoughts on “ANS Receives Grant to Clean U.S. Large Cent Collection”

  1. Fantastic! I just cleaned up my Collection of early Swedish coppercoins 1624-1631! The result is perfect!!!….
    Council Member & Secretary of the Swedish Numismatic Society

  2. Hahaha…Are they joking co’z april fools day …Cleaning coins using chemicals devalued coins…

  3. I wonder how many people will be polishing there coins after seeing this stupid video.

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