The Modern department includes all coins minted by minting machinery - the screw press and the roller press - struck in Europe, Canada, Oceania and sub-Saharan Africa. Machinery was first introduced in Paris and London in the mid-sixteenth century, but the use of machinery did not become standard until the second half of the seventeenth century. The outbreak of the Thirty Years War in 1618 is often used as a border between the Mediaeval and the Modern departments in Europe. Outstanding donations in the Modern department include the extensive series of thalers donated by Daniel Parish, jr.; the very well chosen collection of Italian coins put together by Herbert Scoville, nicely complemented by the gold coins collected by ANS President Herbert Ives; the collection of outstanding rarities, many from Austria and Germany, assembled with a fine eye by Jay Donald Rogasner and purchased at a very favorable price in 1960; and some judicious donations by Emery May Norweb, such as a very broad collection of the siege coinage of the English Civil War, including the Inchiquin pistole (the only Irish gold coin) and an extensive collection of Canadian tokens. The Modern cabinet has been the basis for much numismatic research, such as the thaler catalogues prepared by Dr. John S. Davenport and the catalogues of world coins published by Krause, which are now published as far back as 1601. The Modern department has also been the basis for hoard studies, such as Herbert J. Erlanger's study of a hoard of leeuwendaalder's from Aintab, for Enno van Gelder's work on leeuwendaalders and siege pieces, as well as for Herbert Ives' studies of the Florentine florin and the Venetian ducat.

The total figure for the modern cabinet is approximately 100,000 pieces.

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