1933 Double Eagle Exhibited at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

by Pamala Plummer-Wright

June 20th saw the grand opening of the eight-day exhibit featuring the 1933 Double Eagle on display at the Numismatic Society’s exhibit—​Drachma, Doubloons and Dollars: The History of Money at the Federal Reserve Bank. More than a hundred guests enjoyed the in depth historical overview presented by the Director of the U.S. Mint, Henrietta Holsman Fore and David Tripp, Numismatic Consultant and author of the Sotheby’s/Stacks Catalogue. Together, they skillfully traced the journey of intrigue that follows the famed coin, from its stealthy removal from the vaults of the U.S. Mint to its sale and voyage across the ocean to join King Farouk’s celebrated collection, to its seizure by the FBI, and finally its present legal auction administered by Sotheby’s and Stacks on July 30, 2002. This coin, carrying with it a history of seventy years of conspiracy, will be the only one to be issued by the U.S. Mint as legal tender. A viewing of the coin followed the overview. Also on display is the Bill of Sale and Certificate of Transfer for the 1933 Double Eagle, prepared by the U.S. Mint to be handed to the purchaser of the coin.

A Federal Officer from Fort Knox and a Federal Officer from the New York Fed guarding the case with the 1933 Double Eagle.

In the good old days, gold bars were shipped via US Mail in wooden boxes such as this one presently at the Fed.

David Tripp and David Redden, who will be the auctioneer of the 1933 Double Eagle on July 30.

David Tripp, author of the Sotheby’s/Stacks catalog of the 1933 $20

Executive Directory Ute Wartenburg Kagan and US Mint Director Henrietta Holsman Fore with the Treasures Case.

Sebastian Heath and the Summer Seminar Students: Scott van Horn, Shannan Stewart, Julie Langsford-Johnson, and Spencer Pope.

US Mint Director Henrietta Holsman Fore with Fed Archivist Rosemary Lazenby with a reproduction of the certificate which will monetize the 1933 Double Eagle on July 30.

William McDonough, President of the Fed, and US Mint Director Henrietta Holsman Fore.

Lawrence Stack, Henrietta Holsman Fore, David Pickins, Susan Stack, Rebacca Stack, @@@ and Harvey Stack in the Front Hall of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.