The 150th Anniversary Dinner Gala in Honor of Donald G. Partrick

by Megan Fenselau

The 2008 Annual Dinner Gala took place on Thursday, January 10, 2008, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. With two hundred guests in attendance, this year’s event raised over $300,000. The Augustus B. Sage Society Reception, sponsored by Heritage Auction Galleries, was held in the Duke of Windsor Suite. Sage Society members and their guests enjoyed cocktails and lovely harp music performed by Mrs. Jasmine Cowin as well as a talk entitled “Coins, Medals, and National Treasures,” by Sotheby’s vice chairman, Mr. David Redden.

All Gala attendees enjoyed a cocktail hour, sponsored by Stack’s Rare Coins, in the Hilton Room, followed by the Dinner Gala in the Empire Room. ANS Executive Director Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan acted as the evening’s emcee. Mr. Greg Rohan spoke on behalf of Heritage Auction Galleries, the evening’s Sesquicentennial Sponsor. During dinner, attendees were treated to an entertaining performance by Mr. Gerard Senehi, “The ExperiMentalist.” Mr. Senehi, whose services were donated by ANS Trustee Mr. George U. Wyper, also wowed guests during the cocktail hour. After the performance, Mr. Q. David Bowers spoke eloquently about the evening’s honoree, Donald G. Partrick. ANS President Mr. Roger S. Siboni introduced Mr. Partrick, thanked him for his long-time commitment to the Society and presented him with a special-edition engraved eighteen-carat gold ANS lapel pin.

Throughout the evening, guests were able to bid in the silent auction on items donated by Dr. Michel Amandry; Anderson & Anderson, LLC; Alain Baron; George F. Kolbe; Sydney F. Martin; Roger S. Siboni; Stack’s Rare Coins; Anthony J. Terranova; Raymond J. Williams; Arnold-Peter C. Weiss; and Whitman Publishing. The silent auction raised $13,650. The live auction was called by the always spirited and humorous Mr. Harmer Johnson and raised $88,000 through the sale of items donated by the owners of the American Bank Note Company Archives; Anderson & Anderson, LLC; Q. David Bowers; Victor Failmezger; Dan Hamelberg; Heritage Auction Galleries; Ute Wartenberg Kagan; George F. Kolbe; Stack’s Rare Coins; David Sundman; Anthony J. Terranova; Arnold-Peter C. Weiss; and Whitman Publishing. After an exquisite dinner and dancing to music performed by the Lester Lanin Orchestra, the evening concluded with each guest receiving an ANS 150th Anniversary tote bag, containing an ANS Anniversary Special Edition 2008 Red Book donated by Whitman Publishing and an ANS 150th Anniversary mouse pad. Fifteen lucky guests had a chance to win free subscriptions to The Celator, Coin World, Coin Values, Paper Money Values, and Worldwide Coins, donated by Kerry K. Wetterstrom and Amos Hobby Publishing/Coin World.

Gala honoree and ANS Chairman, Donald G. Partrick

ANS President Roger Siboni presents honoree Donald G. Partrick with gold ANS pin

Bruce Smith, Donald Partrick, Chester Krause

Ute Wartenberg Kagan

Seated L to R: Missy Eimer, Rosa Campbell, Frank Campbell, Connie Hamelberg. Standing L to R: Chris Eimer, Douglas Saville, John Adams, Dan Hamelberg, George Kolbe

Seated L to R: Mrs. Ian Goldbart, Alain Cheylan, Ian Goldbart, Mr. Ali Aboutaam. Standing L to R: James Ricks, Jean LeCompte, Mr and Mrs. Cyrus Dekhan, Alain Baron, Hicham Aboutaam, Baron Lorne Thyssen

Seated L to R: Jeanette Redden, Greg Rohan, Daniel Holmes Jr., Jonathan Kagan, Joel Anderson. Standing L to R: Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ivy, Chester Krause, David Redden

Seated L to R: Martina Dieterle, Hon. John Whitney Walter, Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Partrick. Standing L to R: Vicken Yegparian, Christina Lehmejian-Karaszweski, Lawrence Stack, Victor Failmezger

Seated L to R: Yvonne Weiss, Cornie Thornburgh, Susan Wyper, Jessica Mignucci. Standing L to R: Dick Thornburgh, George Wyper, Gerard Senehi, Arnold-Peter Weiss, Achim Schramm, Ira Goldberg, Marco Mignucci

Standing L to R: Larry Schwimmer, Michel Amandry, Greg Warden, Meredith Adams, Derek Warden, Lawrence Adams. Seated L to R: Jon Jencek, Jeffrey Benjamin, Victor England, Cathy England

Seated L to R: Heidi Becker, Rick Witschonke, Claudio Polisseri, Maurizio Polisseri. Standing L to R: Elizabeth Pendleton, Eric McFadden, Hadrian Rambach, Dick Eidswick, Monica Wiesen, Lynn Gasvoda, Mike Gasvoda

Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Joel Anderson

Gala Chairman, Joel R. Anderson

Auctioneer Harmer Johnson

Charles Anderson, Mary Counts

Andrew Meadows

Dan Hamelberg, Sydney Martin, John Adams

Greg Rohan

Sebastian Heath

Ashley Billingsley

Gerard Senehi, the ExperiMentalist

Douglass Rohrman, Harlan Berk

Alain Baron

Michel Amandry, MŸüserref Yetim, Peter van Alfen

Trustee Dan Hamelberg presents a surprise auction item

Jonathan Kagan, David Redden, Arnold-Peter C. Weiss

David Redden speaks to the Augustus B. Sage Society

Steven Ivy, Gerard Senehi, Victor England