ANS Announces the Publication of Seleucid Coins I

The American Numismatic Society and CNG, Inc., are pleased to announce the publication of an important new book by Arthur Houghton and Catharine Lorber, Seleucid Coins, A Comprehensive Catalogue, Part I: Seleucus I through Antiochus III.

Seleucid Coins, Part I, is the first comprehensive treatment of early Seleucid coinage since Edward T. Newell’s Eastern Seleucid Mints (1938) and Western Seleucid Mints (1941). It expands on Newell’s catalogues with hundreds of new varieties that have come to light over the past sixty years, bringing together issues described in the scholarly literature and in commercial publications, as well as much material that is published here for the first time. In addition, Houghton and Lorber have critically examined both Newell’s attributions and those of other scholars. They propose a number of significant reattributions, some of which redraw the map of Seleucid numismatics.

Seleucid Coins is intended to be, first and foremost, a practical resource for coin identification. It is designed to be accessible to beginners and to numismatists who do not specialize in the Seleucids. The catalogues are organized in historical and geographic order, first by reign, then by mint, then by metal, denomination and issue. There are indices that enable searches by control marks, remarkable types, remarkable legends, and countermarks. More than one hundred plates illustrate representative examples of virtually every coin type and denomination from every mint.

In addition to an easy entry to the identification of Seleucid coins, the book contains extensive historical and other reference material that allows a deeper understanding of the historical context of Seleucid coin production. There is an introductory essay for each reign, opening with a summary of historical events, and proceeding with an overview of the ruler’s coinage, mint policies, and iconographic program. Yet broader overviews are available in the front matter: a chronological table that juxtaposes major historical and numismatic developments, a stemma of Seleucid genealogy, and general observations on mint function and administration. A succession of maps illustrates the changing constellations of Seleucid mints. The appendices offer in-depth treatment of special topics, including bronze denominations and metrology, and countermarks appearing on Seleucid bronze coins. Other appendices are resources for further study: a complete list of hoards containing early Seleucid coins, and detailed surveys of the monetary output of the early Seleucid kings by reign and by region.

Seleucid Coins, Part I, will become an indispensable reference work for collectors, dealers, and scholars, including those in the fields of archaeology, history and art history. It will be followed in about a year by Seleucid Coins, Part II, covering Seleucus IV through Antiochus XIII.

Arthur Houghton has been a student and collector of Seleucid coins for more than forty years. His several careers have included State Department service in Beirut, Amman and Cairo, and a curatorship (of Greek and Roman antiquities) at the J. Paul Getty Museum. He has been author in the field of Hellenistic coinages since 1979 (with special interest in the coinages of Seleucid Cilicia), and was president of the American Numismatic Society from 1994-1979. Catharine Lorber has been a cataloguer in the numismatic trade for more than twenty years, and as a numismatic researcher has specialized in the coinages of the Seleucids, Ptolemies, northern Greeks, and Larissa. She is the author of a major study of the coins of Amphipolis, and the developer of the special epigraphic and monogram fonts that appear in Seleucid Coins. Houghton and Lorber began discussing the possibility of co-authoring a catalog of the coins of the Seleucids in 1991; Seleucid Coins is the result.

Seleucid Coins, Part I, hardbound in two volumes, may be obtained for $225 plus shipping through the David Brown Book Company. ANS members receive the special price of $180. Orders can be placed through the David Brown web-site at or through:

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Seleucid Coins, Part II, will include a listing of addenda to Part I. Arthur Houghton and Catharine Lorber ask individuals who may know of coins of Seleucus I through Antiochus III that do not appear in Part I (see accompanying announcement) to inform them directly of such material, with a full description, including weight and die axis and, if possible, a photograph or digital image. They may write to Arthur Houghton, 3043 N Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20007, email, or Catharine Lorber, 5450 Fenwood Avenue, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, email