News (Winter 2007)

The American Numismatic Society’s 150th Anniversary Gala Thursday, January 10, 2008 at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York

In October 2007, the Society sent a Save the Date card for its 150th Anniversary Gala. Many people called or e-mailed because they were curious about the identity of those pictured. Who’s who on the card?

Top Row, L to R:
Harry W. Fowler, ANS President (1984-1990)
Augustus B. Sage, one of the founding members of the ANS (1858)
J. Sanford Saltus, ANS Corresponding Secretary (1900-1905), Second Vice-President (1907-1909)
Edward T. Newell, ANS President (1916-1941)

Bottom Row, L to R:
Archer M. Huntington, ANS President (1905-1910), Honorary ANS President (1910-1955)
Donald G. Partrick, ANS President (1999-2007), Chairman of the Board (2007-present)
Margaret Thompson, ANS Greek Curator (1949-1976), Chief Curator (1969-1979)
Harry W. Bass Jr., ANS President (1978-1984)

ANS 150th Annual Meeting

The 150th Annual Meeting of the American Numismatic Society was held at the Society at 140 William Street, New York, NY, on Saturday, October 20, 2006. Mr. Donald G. Partrick spoke eloquently about the Society’s bright future, its esteemed Trustees and dedicated membership, and announced his retirement as President of the Board of Trustees, a position he has held since 1999.

On behalf of the entire Board of Trustees, Mr. Roger S. Siboni, newly elected President of the Board of Trustees, thanked Mr. Partrick for his venerable accomplishments during his tenure as President of the Society. He announced that Mr. Partrick would be the honoree at the January 10, 2008, Gala, and that he had been elected to the new position of Chairman of the Board of Trustees, to be instituted upon the Fellows’ ratification of the amendments to the bylaws that evening. Mr. Siboni reflected on the struggles and accomplishments of the Society’s past 150 years and spoke of an outlook of prosperity, continued scholarship, varied exhibitions, programs, and publications. On behalf of Dr. Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, ANS Trustee and Treasurer of the Society, Mr. Siboni described the Society’s financial situation. He praised those that manage the Society’s endowment portfolio, explained that the Society had a strong surplus for FY2007, and that the Trustees had adopted a strict 6 percent spending cap on the net assets to ensure a positive and self-sufficient future.

Dr. Wartenberg Kagan spoke about the major developments of the past year, including staff changes. She announced the upcoming retirement at the end of March 2008, of Librarian Francis D. Campbell and extolled his exceptional half-century service to the Society—an extraordinary record in the annals of the ANS’s history. Mr. Campbell received a standing ovation. She spoke about the programs, exhibitions, and lectures as well as the significant changes ahead, including the pending sale of the building and the Society’s relocation in 2008. She reflected on the activities and celebrations surrounding the Society’s 150th anniversary, including the upcoming Gala in honor of Mr. Donald Partrick, and an exhibition and two-volume book on the Society’s hundred greatest treasures. Dr. Wartenberg Kagan thanked the entire staff, Board of Trustees, and donors for their commitment and support to the Society. She concluded her remarks with an ardent plea to the Board to consider raising staff salaries, within the 6 percent spending cap, to current museum standards.

Francis Campbell, Librarian, reported on the events of the library over the past year. Elena Stolyarik, Collections Manager, reported on the cabinet activities, acquisitions, exhibitions, and loans. Peter van Alfen, Margaret Thompson Associate Curator of Greek Coins, and Robert Wilson Hoge, Curator of North American Coins and Currency, reported on the past year’s donations. Joe Ciccone gave a report on the ANS Archives, and Müşerref Yetim, Editor, reported on recent and upcoming publications. A reception for the Members, Trustees, and Staff followed.



Pursuant to Article VI Sections 1 and 2, and upon the personal recommendation of the President and the Nominating and Governance Committee, the following nominees were elected to serve as Officers of the of the Board of Trustees as follows:

Chairman of the Board: Donald G. Partrick
President: Roger S. Siboni
First Vice President: Douglass F. Rohrman
Second Vice President: Roger S. Bagnall, PhD
Treasurer: Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, MD
Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Executive Director, shall remain as Secretary to the Board

Board of Trustees

Pursuant to Article IV Section 1, and Article V Section 12 (b) of the ANS Bylaws, fourteen Fellows present at the meeting raised their hands in favor of the nominations, and seventy-six proxies were counted, electing the following Trustees to serve in the class of 2010:

Dr. Lawrence A. Adams of Studio City, California, has been a member since 1982, a Fellow since 1997, and a Trustee since 2001. A dermatologic oncology surgeon, Dr. Adams is a consultant on Greek and Islamic gold and the publisher of the Journal of Ancient Numismatics. Dr. Adams serves on the Finance Committee, is a member of the Augustus B. Sage Society, and is a donor to the Society.

Mr. Charles C. Anderson of Florence, Alabama, has been a member since 1999, a life member since 2003, and was elected to the Board in 2004. He is Chairman of the Executive Committee and sits on the Board of Directors of each of his family’s companies, including Anderson Press, Inc., of which Whitman Publishing is a subsidiary. Mr. Anderson is the former director of two banks, a member of a number of boards, and is the former president of the Alabama Numismatic Association. He has served on the ANS Finance and Development committees, is a member of the Augustus B. Sage Society. Mr. Anderson has been married since 1953 to the former Hilda Claire Barbour. They have four sons and eleven grandchildren.

Mr. Jeffrey D. Benjamin is an ANS Life Member and collector of ancient coins. Currently with Apollo Management LP, he has also worked for Salomon Brothers, Inc., UBS Securities LLC, and Libra Securities, and has served on the board committees of several companies. Married with three children, Mr. Benjamin and his family reside in New York.

Prof. Jane M. Cody of Studio City, California, has been a member since 1968, a Fellow since 1987, and was elected to the Board in 2003. She has served on the Personnel Committee. Prof. Cody is the Associate Dean of Academic Programs in the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences at the University of Southern California. An ANS summer seminar student in 1965, she held an ANS dissertation fellowship in 1966-1967. She is the recipient of numerous academic awards and honors, has held several editorial and advisory positions, served as a panelist for the selection of Fulbright Fellowships in classics and the NEH selection of summer stipend holders, and has been a reviewer for the American Journal of Ancient History and the American Journal of Philology. Dr. Cody has also published various papers on coins, the classics, and philology.

Prof. Peter P. Gaspar of St. Louis, Missouri, was born in Belgium and raised in California. He earned his PhD in chemistry at Yale University and is a professor of chemistry at Washington University, in St. Louis, Missouri. Prof. Gaspar has been a member since 1970, a Fellow since 1975, and a Board member since 2000. Dr. Gaspar has served on the numerous committees. He collects pennies of the Anglo-Saxon and Norman kings and has written on the evolution of coining and die-making techniques. He has lectured at past ANS Summer Graduate Seminars and delivered a Stack Memorial lecture. He is Corresponding Member of Council for the USA of the British Numismatic Society and has conducted research at the Royal Mint.

Prof. Kenneth W. Harl, of New Orleans, Louisiana, was a 1975 Summer Seminar Student and joined the Society that same year. A Fellow since 1991 and a Trustee since 2001, he was also the 2001 visiting lecturer of the ANS Graduate Seminar. Dr. Harl earned a Ph.D. from Yale University and is currently a professor of history at Tulane University in New Orleans. This year he was also a visiting professor at Wofford College, Spartanburg, South Carolina. A donor to the Society, including the Roman Provincial Coins Photography Project, he has written about Roman provincial coins.

Mr. Daniel W. Holmes Jr. is an ANS Life Member and member of the Augustus B. Sage Society. He is also the president of Early American Coppers, Inc. Formerly with Ford Motor Company and Banker’s Trust Company, Mr. Holmes became chairman of Morrison Products, Inc., in 2002. He and his wife reside in Pepper Pike, near Cleveland, Ohio. They have two grown children.

Mr. Charles Paul Karukstis of Claremont, California, has been a member since 1978, a Life Associate since 1994, a fellow since 2003, and was elected to the Board in 2005. He is the Director of the Project Management Office for Aramark Uniform Services, Inc., in Burbank, CA. Mr. Karukstis has co-chaired the ANS Arab-Byzantine Forums from 1995 through 2000, served on and was Chairman of the ANS Advisory Committee (2002-2005), and is at present the North American Secretary for the Oriental Numismatic Society. His research has been the imitative or “Arab-Byzantine” coinages of greater Syria in the first century of the Islamic Empire.He is preparing a corpus of this material from major public and private collections.

Prof. John H. Kroll was born in Washington, D.C. He attended the Society’s Graduate Seminar in 1963 and earned his PhD at Harvard in 1968. A Fellow and Trustee of the ANS since 1984, Prof. Kroll held the position of Second Vice-President. In 2006, Professor Kroll retired from the University of Texas in Austin after having joined the faculty of their classics department in 1973. A contributor and author to a number of numismatic publications, he also served as Secretary of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. Having contributed to the study of Athenian and other coinages, his current focus is on the beginnings of coinage in general. Prof. Kroll resides with his wife in Oxford, England.


Pursuant to Article XVI of the Bylaws, fifteen Fellows in attendance, with the seventy-six counted proxies, vote unanimously to adopt the proposed amendments to the Bylaws as follows:

First, an amendment to Article V, Section 11:
Add “Chairman of the Board of Trustees,” to line one, before the word “president.”

Second, an amendment to Article VI, Section 1:
Add “Chairman of the Board of Trustees,” to line one, before the word “President.”

Third, an amendment to Article VI, create a new Section 5:
“5. Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees shall elect annually from its members a Chairman who shall preside at all board meetings, and who shall, when so directed by the Board of Trustees, represent the Society in such matters as the Board shall from time to time designate.”

Fourth, an amendment to Article VI, new sequenced section 6:
Delete the word “executive” and make the first line read: “The President shall be the principal executive and operations officer…”

Fifth, an amendment changing all numbers in sequence in Article VI, accordingly.

Year in Review

Contributions for ANS Fiscal Year 2007 (October 1, 2006 through September 30, 2007)
TOTAL $1,005,350.99

GENERAL FUND 2006 Year End Appeal
Mid-Year Appeal 2007
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Gala Dinner 2007
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Gala Program/Preview Booklet 2007
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