News (Winter 2006)

Oleg Medvedev

The Position of Cataloger Filled

The Librarian is pleased to announce that in late July the position of Cataloger was filled with the hiring of Oleg Medvedev. Oleg, who received a master’s degree from the State University for History and Archives (Moscow), also received an advanced degree in anthropology from the Professional School of Advanced Studies (Paris). While living in France, he also attended the University of Nanterre, where he began his professional training as a librarian, and he has most recently obtained a master’s degree in library science from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois (Urbana). Oleg has worked previously as a cataloger in the Library of Musée Guimet (Paris) and the Interuniversity Library of Oriental Languages (Paris), specializing in the cataloging of Tibetan materials. He has also performed cataloging and indexing at the Center for Research Libraries (Chicago) and the American Theological Library Association (Chicago). His languages include native Russian and French, as well as English, Spanish, and Italian.

Andrew Meadows to Join ANS Staff

In April 2007, Andrew Meadows, curator at the British Museum, will be joining the staff as the second Margaret Thompson Curator of Ancient Greek Coins. Meadows, who expects to receive his Ph.D. from Oxford University in the coming year, has a long and varied publication record, which includes editing three volumes of the Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum series and coediting the Royal Numismatic Society’s Coin Hoards, volume 9 and volume 10 (forthcoming). He has published or contributed to the publication of eleven Greek and Roman hoards and has published die-studies of the coinages of Thasos, Cyzicus, Alexandria Troas, a royal Achaemenid mint, Miletus, Samos, Cos, Myndos, Stratonikeia, and Side. He is now preparing similar studies of the early mints of Sidon and Tyre, as well as full study of the coinage of Alabanda. Meadows is currently responsible for the publication of excavation coins from three sites in Egypt, the east harbor of Alexandria, Canopus, and Herakleion, has edited and contributed to a collection of essays on the subject of money use in the ancient Greek world, and is also contributing to and editing a volume that seeks to combine the latest numismatic scholarship with new epigraphic research on the Athenian Standards Decree.

Once he is settled, Meadows and Dr. Peter van Alfen plan to establish the Center for Hellenic Numismatic Studies at the ANS, which is intended to be the foremost research center for Greek numismatics and the ancient economy.

Van Alfen and Yetim Teaching at New York-Area Universities

For the spring 2007 semester, Dr. Peter van Alfen will be teaching a course at New York University entitled “Approaches to the Ancient Economy,” which will explore the theoretical and material bases for the study of ancient economic thought and action. Part of the course will introduce students to numismatics and offer them the opportunity to visit the ANS and see its holdings.

ANS Editor Dr. Müserref Yetim, who recently received her Ph.D. in government from the University of Texas at Austin, will be teaching “Introduction to International Relations” at the City University of New York (CUNY), Queens.

Heath and Wartenberg Kagan at Digital Coins Network Forum

On October 27 and 28, Drs. Sebastian Heath and Ute Wartenberg Kagan attended a workshop at the British Museum focused on the creation of shared standards for numismatic databases, hosted by Andrew Meadows, curator of Greek coins, and Charlotte Roueché, professor at Kings College, University of London. Curators and academics from British and continental institutions were in attendance and agreed to establish the “Digital Coins Network” as a forum for continuing discussion and action. Further information on the DCN is available at Funding for the workshop and for ongoing activities has been provided by the United Kingdom’s Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Stack’s Chosen to Sell 101 Die Duplicates of United States Gold Coins from the ANS Collection

Stack’s has been chosen by the ANS Board of Trustees at its meeting on October 21, 2006, to be the auctioneer of selections of United States Gold Coins from the ANS Collection. Featured will be 101 carefully selected die duplicates representing all circulation-issue denominations, from the tiny Gold Dollar to the Double Eagle ($20 Gold), as well as commemorative gold coins, including four “slugs” or $50 gold pieces.

Stack’s CEO Lawrence R. Stack stated: “We were elated that the ANS has entrusted us with the sale of these coins. Having auctioned numismatic items from the collections of countless museums, historical societies, and other institutions similar to the ANS, we know that such decisions to sell are heart-wrenching for the institutions involved. Stack’s will ensure that the ANS coins get the treatment and exposure they deserve so as to maximize the benefit to the Society. This auction will be a significant event for all involved and represents Stack’s dedication to the continued success of the ANS.”

ANS members will have the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: to add important specimens to their collections while supporting the growth and maintenance of the ANS’s core collections. ANS Executive Director Ute Wartenberg Kagan stated: “When making the selection of coins to deaccession, we chose only die duplicates of other coins in the collection. The sale of these duplicates will go far in endowing the ANS Collections Fund, which will allow generations of ANS administrations to expand the collections in poorly represented areas and to ensure that the collections are well maintained for the study and enjoyment of current and future generations of collectors and researchers.”

The auction is slated for the afternoon of January 11, 2007, before the annual ANS Gala Dinner honoring Chet Krause at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. The coins will be available for viewing in Stack’s offices by appointment or during the scheduled exhibition times in January. Printed and online versions of the catalogue will be available in mid-December. For more information about this auction, please contact Lawrence R. Stack, Christine Karstedt, or Vicken Yegparian at Stack’s (800-566-2580), or Ute Wartenberg Kagan or Juliette Pelletier at the ANS (212-571-4470 x1311).

ANS annual meeting

ANS Annual Meeting

The 149th Annual Meeting of the American Numismatic Society was held at the Society at 140 William Street, New York, NY, on Saturday, October 21, 2006, with Mr. Donald G. Partrick, President, presiding. Approximately fifty members including Fellows and Trustees attended the meeting, which was followed by a reception in the ground-floor hall. The President, Treasurer, Executive Director, and ANS staff reported on the activities of the past year.


Mr. David Simpson stood in for the Chairman of the 2006 Nominating and Governance Committee, Mr. Douglass F. Rohrman. Mr. Simpson announced the names of the newly elected Officers of the Board of Trustees: Mr. Donald G. Partrick, President; Mr. Roger Siboni, First Vice President; Prof. John H. Kroll, Second Vice President; Dr. Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, Treasurer.

Standing Committees:

Mr. Simpson stated the names of the newly organized Standing Committees of the Board:

Executive Committee: Mr. Donald G. Partrick (Chairman), Mr. John W. Adams, Mr. Robert Kandel, Prof. John H. Kroll, Mr. Douglass F. Rohrman, Mr. Roger Siboni, Dr. Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, and Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan (Ex-Officio).

Nominating and Governance Committee: Mr. Peter P. Gaspar, Mr. Sydney Martin, Mr. Clifford L. Mishler, Mr. Donald G. Partrick, Mr. Douglass F. Rohrman (Chairman), Mr. Peter K. Tompa, Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan (Ex-Officio).


Mr. Simpson reported that pursuant to Article III Section I and Article V Section 12 (b) of the ANS Bylaws, the Nominating and Governance Committee approved the nomination of Fellows of the Society to:

Dr. John Cunnally, expert on Renaissance and antiquarian books, Summer Graduate Seminar participant in 1978, and member since 1993.

Mr. Ira Goldberg, a major benefactor and dealer in coins, ANS member since 2004, contributor to the Francis D. Campbell Library Chair, and member of the Augustus B. Sage Society.

Mr. Lawrence Goldberg, ANS member since 1969 and donor to the Francis D. Campbell Library Chair, the 125th Anniversary Fund, and toward ANS Development.

Mrs. Lottie Salton, member since 2006. She and her late husband Mark Salton have been benefactors of the ANS and its collection for many years.

Mr. David Sear, a leading expert on ancient coinage, member since 1990, Bronze Circle member, and contributor to the Mid-Year Appeal, Annual Appeal, and New Century Fund. Prof. Neel Smith, archaeologist, Web site expert, former member of the IT committee, and member since 1985.

Mr. Ed Snible, ANS volunteer, member since 2001, and general and Bronze Circle contributor. Most recently he has been working toward creating an online version of the ANS Magazine.

Dr. Robert W. Wallace, a leading authority on ancient coinage, contributor to ANS publications, and member since 1993.

Board of Trustees:

Pursuant to Article IV Section 1 and Article V Section 2 of the ANS Bylaws, the Fellows present at the meeting raised their hands in favor of the nominations, and sixty-eight proxies by mail were counted, electing the following Trustees to serve in varying classes (2008-2009):

Class of 2009

Mr. Joel R. Anderson is Chairman of Anderson Media. Raised in Florence, Alabama, he attended the University of North Alabama and spent most of his life involved in the family-owned business established by his late father, Clyde W. Anderson. He has served his community as director and chairman of several boards, including as founder, chairman, and director of the American Fireworks Standards Laboratory. He currently serves on a number of committees and boards and is a major supporter of many organizations, including the New York City Police Athletic League and the Children’s Museum of the Shoals. His philanthropic, civic, and humanitarian endeavors have been recognized by the Anti-Defamation League, which honored him with their Distinguished Service Award on behalf of human rights, and by Brandies University, which awarded him its National Distinguished Community Service Award. In 2003, he was the first recipient of The 25 Year Club Frank Herrera Award, the prestigious national magazine industry award. Joel currently serves as Chairman and Director in the Anderson Companies. Today, the principal Anderson Companies include Anderson Media Corporation, the country’s largest distributor and merchandiser of consumer magazines and prerecorded music and a major distributor of books; TNT Fireworks, the country’s largest importer and distributor of consumer fireworks; Anderson Press, a major publisher of children’s books and associated children’s products; Whitman Publishing Company, the leading publisher of books and related products for coin collections; H. E. Harris Company, the leading publisher of albums and catalogs for stamp collectors; C. R. Gibson, the nation’s premier publisher of inspirational and gift books and related products; Books-A-Million, the country’s third-largest book retailer; and the Clark Group, a principal magazines logistics and transportation provider. Joel Anderson is a member of the ANS Augustus B. Sage Society since 2005 and is a major donor to the Society.

Prof. Jere L. Bacharach is a Professor in the Dept. of History, University of Washington, Seattle. He joined the Society in 1966 and became a fellow in 1981. First elected to the Council in 1993, he served until 2000 and was re-elected to the Board in 2004. Currently the Chair of the Huntington Medal Committee, Professor Bacharach’s interests lie in medieval Middle Eastern Muslim political and economic history, monetary and numismatic history, and Islamic art history and archaeology. He has edited and authored numerous scholarly books and articles, lectured at and organized conferences, and curated exhibitions. His professional activities both are extensive, and he has sat on numerous committees and boards, including serving as President of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) and President of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA). In 2006, the American University in Cairo Press published his book Islamic History Through Coins: An Analysis and Catalogue of Tenth-Century Ikhshidid Coinage.

Prof. Roger Bagnall is a papyrologist and historian of the Hellenistic, Roman, and late antique eastern Mediterranean, specializing in Graeco-Roman Egypt. He was educated at Yale and the University of Toronto and came to Columbia in 1974 as an assistant professor. His appointment is shared equally between the Classics and History departments. He served as Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences from 1989 to 1993, and from 1994 to 2000 served as chair of the Department of Classics. He is also curator of the papyrus collection in the Columbia University Libraries. Bagnall has been an ANS member since 1974. He is a Life Fellow of the Society. Bagnall’s publications include both historical studies and many editions of Greek papyri and ostraka. A principal area of interest has been the social, economic, and administrative history of Egypt in late antiquity. Current projects include a collection of letters on papyrus written by women, the documents from the excavations at Berenike on the Red Sea coast of Egypt, and a Columbia excavation and archaeological field school in the Dakhleh Oasis of Egypt.

Mr. Kenneth Lewis Edlow was born in Washington, D.C., in 1941, the son of Ellis Edlow, former general counsel of the ANA. A Graduate from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1963, he moved to New York City and joined Bear Stearns & Co. in 1969, becoming Corporate Secretary of Bear Stearns in 1987, a position he still holds. Ken joined the ANS in 1972, was elected to the Board of Trustees in 1993, and is a member of the ANS Augustus B. Sage Society. A Benefactor and contributor to the Society, Ken has served on a variety of ANS Committees, including serving as Treasurer and Chairman of the Finance Committee. He is a collector of U.S. coins. Ken also serves on the Board and Investment Committee of Temple Emanu-El of NYC. He is married, has two children, and lives in Manhattan.

Mr. Sydney Martin, of Doylestown, Penn., was elected to the ANS Board in 2005. A member since 1997, Life Associate since 2000, and one of the founding members of the Augustus B. Sage Society, he is a generous donor to the Society. Sydney is President of The SYTEX Group, Inc. (TSGI), a nationally recognized group of information technology companies. A speaker at the 2003 COAC on the subject of “The ‘Georgius Triumpho’/Danish West Indies Mule”, he has authored and coauthored articles on colonial coinage in the CNL and C-4 newsletters.

Mr. Donald G. Partrick has been an ANS member since 1969. He became a Fellow of the Society in 1987, a Life Fellow in 1992, was elected to the Board of Trustees in 1990, and has served as President of the Board since 1999. A Collector of early North American coinage, tokens, and medals, he is a major benefactor and contributor to the Society and one of the charter members of the ANS’s Augustus B. Sage Society. He is a real-estate investor, builder, and manager, and has served as Lifetime Director, President, and Chairman of the Board of the Long Island Builders Institute. He has served as a member of the Suffolk County Board of Health, Director of Suffolk County Executive’s Task Force for Affordable Housing, Director of Suffolk County’s Executive Committee for New Business, Director of the Long Island Housing Coalition, Director of the Long Island Coalition for Sensible Growth, and Commissioner on the Suffolk County Bicentennial Commission. The owner of a 3,500-acre wildlife preserve, he is also an author and lecturer on wildlife management.

Mr. Stanley DeForest Scott is a real-estate executive and developer. He was born in Hudson County, N.J., in 1926 and resides in New York City. An ANS member since 1993 and Life member since 2001, Mr. Scott was elected to Fellow as well as the ANS Board of Trustees in 2003 and is a generous donor to the Society. He has a BA from the University of Southern California. He served with the U.S. Naval Reserve from 1944 to 1946. A past General Manager of Alfred Scott Publishers, NYC, and Chairman and President of S. D. Scott Printing Co., Inc., NYC, Mr. Scott is presently General Partner of 145 Hudson Street Associates and President of Hudson Square Mgt. Corp. Mr. Scott is the cochairman of the Fraunces Tavern Museum. Other associations in which Mr. Scott has been involved include: the J. Carter Brown Library; the Mayor’s Industry Advisory Committee; the Board of Directors of the Business Relocation Committee; the Frick Collection; the Society of Mayflower Descendents; Society of Colonial Wars, Pilgrims U.S.; the Friends of the British Museum; the American Museum in Britain (Councilmember from 1986 to the present); the New-York Historical Society; and the Grolier Club. His collecting interests are in the areas of Washington medals and Greek coins, as well as books on travel and exploration.

Mr. Roger Siboni became a member of the ANS in 1995, a fellow in 2003, Life Fellow in 2004, and currently serves as First Vice President of the ANS, having been elected to the Board of Trustees in 2003. A generous donor to the Society, Roger is a charter member of the ANS’s Augustus B. Sage Society, and serves/chairs on the ANS Finance and Development Committees. He is the past Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Chairman of KPMG, as well as past Chairman and CEO of Epiphany Software. He has served on the boards of Macromedia, Active Software, Corio Systems, and Pivotal Software, and currently serves on the boards of Cadence Design Systems, Dolby Laboratories, and FileNet Corporation. Roger is also a Trustee of the Rhode Island School of Design and has served as a past Trustee of the San Francisco Asian Art Museum, the San Francisco Exploratorium, the Walter Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley (where he was also Chair), and has served on the Development Committee of the Central Park Conservancy. His numismatics collection focuses on coins, medals, and currency of the American colonial period. He also collects literature, documents, and ephemera related to this area of numismatics. Roger is the Associate Editor of the C-4 Newsletter and a regular contributor to that journal. Currently he is writing a book on New Jersey coinage, the first on that topic since 1881.

Mr. John Whitney Walter, born in 1934, is a specialist in “early” U.S. coins, error coins, and federal and national currency; in world numismatics, he specializes in ancient Greek, Roman imperial, English hammered, and medieval siege coinage. An active philanthropist, in 1998 he donated to the Smithsonian’s National Numismatic Collection the only known complete five-coin type set of Greek coins by the Demareteion Master engraver. He received a BS from Norwich University and an MBA from Columbia. John works in the construction industry, designing and implementing security, telephone, TV, audio, computer, and building management systems. John joined the ANS in 1996, becoming a Fellow and member of the Council in April 2000, and Life Fellow in 2001, and has served as First Vice President to the Board from 2000 to 2005.

Mr. George U. Wyper is a collector of early American proofs and patterns. Born in 1955 and educated at the Wharton School and Yale University, he is the founder and managing member of Wyper Capital Management, L.P. George has previously worked at the First Boston Corporation, was previously Senior Managing Director and Member of the Operating Committee of Warburg Pincus Counselors, Inc.; Chief Investment Officer of White River Corporation; President and Chief Executive Officer of Hanover Advisors; Chief Investment Officer of Fund American Enterprises; and Director of fixed-income investments for Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company. He is also president of the Darien Library and serves on the boards of the Yale School of Management and the Museum of the Rhode Island School of Design, as well as the on the Board of Directors of Financial Security Assurance Holdings, Ltd. Mr. Wyper has been involved with the ANS since 1995, was elected to the ANS Board of Trustees in 1997, serves on the Finance Committee, and is a donor to the Society and member of the Augustus B. Sage Society. He also manages a part of the ANS endowment portfolio.

Class of 2008

Prof. Thomas Martin is Jeremiah W. O’Connor Professor of Classics and Chair of the Classics Department at the College of the Holy Cross. His Ph.D. thesis on coinage and sovereignty in the Greek world is one of the leading works on Greek coinage. Martin has been a member of the ANS since 1978. He has previously served as Councilor of the ANS from 1992 to 2001.

A full list of ANS officers, committees, and fellows, as well as the ANS bylaws can be found on the Governance page of the ANS Web site, at