News (Winter 2003)

Conference of the High Caliphate

The American Numismatic Society announces “The Heritage of the High Caliphate: Dinars, Dirhams and Coppers of the Late Umayyad and Early ‘Abbasid Periods, ca. 700-950 CE”, a conference to be held at the American Numismatic Society, 140 William Street, Thursday and Friday, June 24-25, 2004. Late Umayyad and early ‘Abbasid dinars, dirhams and coppers were not only the first distinctly Muslim coins but formed for many years a vast monetary system stretching from North Africa to Central Asia.

The all-epigraphic Arabic coins introduced by the caliph ‘Abd al Malik presented a symbolic statement of the essential principles of Islam and its caliphs. They also proved to be unrivaled engine for commerce. They were minted in prodigious quantities replacing previous Sasanian and Byzantine style coinages, and circulated extensively throughout most of Europe, the Near East and Asia reaching as far as Scandinavia and China. Today, the coins represent documents of social, political and economic life at a time of great cultural efflorescence as well as social and political change.

The conference invites papers treating any aspect of coins of the late Umayyad and early ‘Abbasid periods as artifacts of civilization and culture. The topics of papers may be numismatic, historical or art historcal. They may examine problems in the reading and interpretation of the Arabic legends or the iconography, the representation of Islam and sovereignty, or the production, use and regulation of these coinages. This includes problems in the introduction of these coins and later transition from one series to another.

The conference will also feature a workshop in reading the Arabic legends on these coins and a roundtable for the discussion of issues of common interest and coins.

Queries and abstracts should be sent by e-mail to Dr. Stuart D. Sears at sdsears( or Dr. Michael L. Bates at bates( Abstracts should be submitted by March 1st, 2003.

American Numismatic Association “World’s Fair of Money,” in Baltimore

The Society welcomed members and newcomers to its table at the American Numismatic Association’s “World’s Fair of Money” Convention in Baltimore, July 30 to August 3. Librarian Frank Campbell, Curator of American Coins and Currency Robert Hoge and Executive Director Ute Wartenberg Kagan were all in attendance, along with a team of volunteers who generously donated their time. The ANS acknowledges and thanks Alan Anthony, Bob Julian, Bob Leonard, Phil Carrigan and Tom Sheehan, as well as curatorial assistant Alexandra Halidisz, for their participation. Our table was ably managed by Ian Stevens, of the David Brown Book Company—the exclusive vendor of all ANS publications (as well as those of the British Museum and other institutions)—which made available a fine assortment of references.

At the annual meeting of the Numismatic Literary Guild, held in connection with the ANA show, the American Numismatic Society Magazine received two first-place awards from this group, both in the category of Non-profit and Club Publications. The NLG’s “Best Column” award went to Robert Wilson Hoge, for “Current Cabinet Activities” and the “Best Issue” award was earned by Volume 1, Number 2 (Summer, 2002).

Van Alfen Lectures at Wesleyan University

On October 28, the Margaret Thompson Assistant Curator of Greek Coins, Peter van Alfen, was invited to present two lectures at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. Speaking to a class studying the conquests and symbolic afterlife of Alexander the Great taught by Emily Mackil, a graduate of the ANS Summer Seminar (2001), Dr. van Alfen presented an overview of the coinages of Alexander, his father Philip II, and the Successors. Later that evening Dr. van Alfen gave a talk entitled “The Midas Touch: Problems of the Earliest Coinage in the Ancient Mediterranean ” to a public audience.

The Conclusion of the 50th Graduate Summer Seminar

The ANS Summer Graduate Seminar celebrated the conclusion of its 50th year on July 25th. An exceptionally cheerful and hardworking class (see the last issue of the Magazine, p. 10 for a photograph of the class), this summer’s students took it upon themselves to mark the 50th anniversary by designing special commemorative T-shirts and presenting the staff with “medals,” large homemade cookies with numismatic designs in frosting. The papers presented during the final week were: Melissa Haynes of Harvard University, “A Study of the Syro-Cilician Reverse Type of the Tyche of Antioch;” Jeffery Johnson of Princeton University, “Propaganda and Continuity in the Roman Denarius of the 130s BC; “Philip Kiernan of the University of Cincinnati, “The Bronze Coinage of Postumus;” Peter Lewis, of Brisbane College of Theology (Australia), “The Significance of the Coins and Medallions of Constantine, Fausta, Helena, and Theodora for Christian Iconography;” Rachel Meyers of Duke University, “The Unique and Innovative Coinage of Faustina II;” Fred Naiden of Tulane University, “The Arab of M. Aemilius M.f. Scaurus” and Dagmar Riedel of Indiana University-Bloomington, “Dinars minted in 12th- and 13th-century Mosul.”

2003-2004 Schwartz Fellow

Victoria Gyori, who recently finished her M.A. in Classics at Columbia University, is this year’s Frances M. Schwartz Fellow. Ms. Gyori plans to begin a Ph.D. program in Classics in the fall of 2004. In the meantime she hopes to spend 2-3 days per week at the ANS, time well above her responsibilities as the Schwartz Fellow, to assist in the Greek and Roman vaults and to pursue her research interests in Roman Republican and Classical Greek coinages.

Victoria Gyori

ANS Advisory Committee Seeks New Members

The American Numismatic Society, is seeking applicants for the advisory committee, which serves as a focus group for the Society. ANS fellow Charlie Karukstis, was recently voted in as Chairman of the Advisory Committee. Members of the committee serve as liaisons with the ANS membership, and assist the Society in evaluating its own performance. All candidates should demonstrate a commitment to the Society and will be chosen to reflect and balance the interests of collectors, academic, and professional numismatists.

Serving as a member of the Advisory Committee may entail a substantial time commitment. Also group members may be expected to bear most of the monetary costs of communicating within the group or to the Council. If you are interested in serving as a member of the Advisory Committee please contact Charlie Karukstis at Charlie( or write to Charlie at P.O. Box 1528 Clairmont, CA 91711.

Photography for Roman Provincial Coinage, Volume IV: The Antonine Emperors

It’s not every day that the ANS receives an order for images of 1,400 coins but this just what happened earlier this year when Dr. Chris Howgego and Dr. Volker Heuchert of the Ashmolean Museum submitted the list of coins they want to illustrate in volume IV of the series Roman Provincial Coinage. The ANS is a participant in this international effort to publish a comprehensive type series of the coins issued by the cities of the Roman empire from the 1st century BC to the 3rd century AD, and many of our images have appeared in the two volumes that have been published to date.

(ANS 1944.100.60255, bequest of E.T. Newell)

(ANS 1944.100.61639, bequest of E.T. Newell)

There was never any question as to whether or not the ANS would fill the order, just exactly how it would be done. The Society’s general policy is to use our digital camera to fill all orders and then to make sure that the resulting images are available on our web-site. But a 1,400 coin order would overwhelm the full-time staff of the Society, especially since it comes as we are preparing for the move. The answer was to arrange to have Alan Roche, a free-lance photographer who often works at the Society, undertake the job. The generosity of Sidney and Kenneth Harl has made this possible and their ongoing support of this effort is greatly appreciated. Hundreds of coins have been shot to date, all are available on the web-site, and they will shortly be delivered to the Ashmolean for publication.

Report on the ANS Annual Meeting

The 146th Annual Meeting of the American Numismatic Society was held on October 18, 2003 at the new building — 140 William Street. Approximately 40 members attended the meeting, which was followed by a reception in the ground floor Hall. The President, Treasurer and ANS staff were present and reported on the activities of the past year.

Donald Partrick, ANS President, opens 2003 annual meeting

Donald Partrick, President of the Society, opened the meeting. He reported on the progress of the new building — evidencing that the meeting was held in the newly renovated ground floor — answered questions put forth by members, briefly described plans for the Library and Curatorial floors and exalted the hard work of John Whitney Walter, First Vice-President and Building Committee Chairman.

The ANS Treasurer, Kenneth Edlow reported a successful year of activities at the Society and gave an account of the financial situation of the ANS over the last year. As the audited statement for 2003 will not be ready until next year, Mr. Edlow gave an overview of the finances of the year 2001/2 as presented in the most recent audited statement. He reported that the portfolio continues to be primarily invested with Wyper Capital Management, who is holding c. $10 million, which produced a return of 33.4% against 24.4% of the S&P. A second fixed income account at Bear Stearns had c. $3 million during the year, which had a return of 8%. Mr. Edlow talked of the pleasing returns and the reason for continuing to invest a relatively high proportion in equities is mainly due to the outstanding record of Trustee George Wyper’s performance. Since December 1998, when Mr. Wyper was first engaged, the ANS portfolio in his hands has increased by 87.3% against 5.3% of the S&P. Mr. Edlow thanked George Wyper for his outstanding work that has helped the Society in very difficult times. Mr. Edlow then turned to the other sources of income, stating that the ANS has been very fortunate during the last year to have donations of $735,336, which were allocated primarily to the general fund and a few restricted funds, including the newly created Francis D. Campbell Library Chair, which received about $60,000 in FY 2003. He reported that an initial review of the finances show that expenditure stayed within the approved guidelines of the 2003 budget. Due to some changes among key staff members, ANS salary costs appear to be even lower than anticipated. FY 2002, for which we have our last available figures for expenditure, show a total of $1,666.948. The cost cutting measure introduced by the Council in 1999, which led to some significant changes in the Society’s staff, have begun to pay off. “Comparing the expenditure of FY 2002 to the $2,400,000 of FY 1999, we see a saving of almost $700,000,” Mr. Edlow said, stating the significance of this achievement and adding that we are striving to cut operations further and increase our income. The move to the new building is going to bring savings of over $120,000, primarily in the areas of security staffing. We also hope to be able to raise enough money to endow several key positions such as the US Curator, the Islamic Curator, the Librarian and other key positions. Mr. Edlow expressed his pleasure with the progress that we have made, and thanked all donors who have so generously given to the Society. He briefly talked about the finances of the new building, reporting that the costs of this project, which will total over $4 million. have been all financed through generous donations. Mr. Edlow mentioned that the costs are low in comparison to comparable projects in the city, stating that this is due to the extraordinary efforts of Vice President John Whitney Walter. The full audited statements will appear on the ANS website as soon as they become available.

Mr. Wyper, equity manager of the ANS portfolio, and Trustee, then talked briefly about the finances, looking back at the past 5 years and described the current portfolio.

Mr. Douglass Rohrman reported for the Advisory Committee, calling for the Fellows to ratify the proposed amended ANS Constitution and By-Laws. He thanked the team effort of the entire committee for their hard work in the amendment process and made special mention of Charlie Karukstis (the newly appointed Chairman of the Committee) as well as Ken Edlow. The Fellows voted to approve the amended By-Laws, posted on the ANS website, and due to be published in the near future.

Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan, Executive Director, thanked the staff for their effort and support during her maternity leave. She reported on the various events of the past year and thanked the members for their contributions enabling the Society move forward with its mission.

Mr. Roger Siboni (newly elected Trustee) spoke briefly and encouragingly about the future. He announced that he would like to help launch a campaign for an exhibition hall on the second floor of the new building, stating that he was donating $250,000 to this cause and hoped that others would offer their financial support as well. The ANS hopes to open the exhibition hall by 2008, the Society’s 150th Anniversary.

The curators (Peter van Alfen, Michael Bates, Elena Stolyarik, Sebastian Heath and Robert Wilson Hoge) and the Librarian, Francis Campbell reported on the past year’s donations in illustrated Power Point presentations.

ANS Council Meeting

At its meeting on October 18, 2003 the Council voted Eric P. Newman to the rank of Honorary Trustee as a way of expressing their sincere thanks and gratitude to him for all of his years of dedicated service and contributions to the Society.

At its meeting, the Council elected the following 5 new Fellows:

Wayne K. Homren: of Glenshaw, PA, is best known as the Founder/Editor of E-Sylum. He has collected coins since about 1968 — his interests include: numismatic literature, U.S. encased postage stamps, Pittsburgh-area obsolete currency, Civil War Tokens, Charge Coins, 1907 Clearing House Certificates, Nova Constellation copper coinage, Confederate Half Dollar restrike & related pieces. He has published numerous articles and spoken often at seminars, including the ANS’ Coinage of the America’s Conference, 1994. An ANS member since 1997, Mr. Homren is a contributor to the Frank Campbell Library Chair, and is currently serving on the Library Committee.

Charles Paul Karukstis: of Claremont, CA, has been a member since 1978 and a Life Associate since 1994. He is a contributor to the Islamic Fund, the Educational Department and the General Fund and he serves on the Advisory Committee.

John M. Kleeberg: of New York, NY, an ANS member since 1994, was the Curator of Modern Coins from 1990 to 2001. Since then he has attended NYU Law School. He has been a frequent contributor to ANS publications and assists the editorial team.

Robert B. Korver: of Carrollton, TX, was the Director of Heritage Numismatic Auctions in Highland Park, TX and previous Auction Manager of Bowers and Ruddy Galleries. He was recently appointed by President George W. Bush to serve on the State Department’s Cultural Property Advisory Committee. As the chief editorial writer for Coin Dealer Newsletter, he has written hundreds of articles and is a member of several numismatic organizations. Mr. Korver has been a member of the ANS since 1997.

Michael J. Parris: of North Bergen, NJ has been an ANS member since 1958, is a Full Associate, as well as a contributor and donor. Mr. Parris has been a docent at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, hosting tours of the ANS exhibitions and making himself available for special tours for Federal Reserve Bank Officers and dignitaries.

ANS Elects New Members To The Board Of Trustees

At the Annual Meeting, the Nominating Committee for Trustees also reported its recommendations that six sitting members and six new candidates be elected to the Board of Trustees. The following Trustees were duly elected:

Stanley DeForest Scott — Class of 2006

A real estate executive and developer, was born in Hudson County, NJ in 1926. He resides in New York City. An ANS member since 1993 and Silver Circle Contributor, Mr. Scott was elected to Fellow in 2003. He has a B.A. from the Univ. of Southern California, 1950 and served with USNR, 1944-46. Past General Manager of Alfred Scott Publishers, NYC and Chairman and President of S.D. Scott Printing Co., Inc., NYC. Mr. Scott is presently General Partner of 145 Hudson Street Associates and President of Hudson Square Mgt. Corp. Mr. Scott is the co-chairman of the Fraunces Tavern Museum. Other associations in which Mr. Scott has been involved include: J. Carter Brown Library; former member Mayor’s Industry Advisory Committee; former Board of Directors, Business Relocation Committee; Frick Collection Fellow; Member of the Society of Mayflower Descendents; Society of Colonial Wars, Pilgrims U.S.; Friends of the British Museum; American Museum in Britain (Council 1986 to present); New York Historical Society; and The Grolier Club. His collecting interests are in the areas of Washington Medals and Greek coins as well as books on travel and exploration.

Roger Siboni — Class of 2006

Roger Siboni is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of E.piphany, Inc., after only recently stepping down as CEO. Since his joining in 1997, and under his leadership, E.piphany has grown from a small startup firm, to the CRM industry’s thought pioneer and technology leader. He has been named one of e-businesses’ 25 most influential people (BusinessWeek), was acknowledged as a visionary “mover and shaker” in CRM (CRM Magazine), and was named one of the Elite High-Tech 100 (Upside). E.piphany has been named one of the top 12 IT companies of the future, and one of the IT industry’s 12 most influential companies while under Roger’s direction. Previously, Roger served as Deputy Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of KPMG Peat Marwick LLP where he was a 20 year veteran leader of the firm’s technology group. A frequent speaker and writer for the technology industry, professional organizations, and academic groups, Roger has testified before the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee and the U.S. Treasury Department on behalf of the technology industry, and has counseled many of the prominent enterprises who are currently driving the adoption of new technologies. Roger currently serves on the Board of Directors of FileNet Corporation, and Cadence Design Systems. He previously served on the Board of Directors of Active Software, Corio, Inc., Macromedia, Inc., Pivotal Software and the Walter A. Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley where he served for 15 years, chairing since 1999. He also is a past trustee of the Central Park Conservancy and The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, and is a past Board member of the San Francisco Exploratorium. Roger graduated from the University of California at Berkeley. He became an ANS member in 1995 and was elected to Fellow in 2003. He has been funding the annual expenses of the CNL and has contributed to other projects on US coins. He most recently gave $270,000 for the Museum Development at 140 William Street. Roger, 48, lives in San Francisco with his wife, Joan, and their three children.

Douglass F. Rohrman — Class of 2005

Mr. Rohrman is a lawyer with 36 years experience in regulatory law. He is a Senior Partner in the Chicago law firm of Lord, Bissell & Brook, LLP where he practices environmental law, representing corporations, businesses and insurance companies. He has also represented not-for-profit organizations, academic institutions and trade associations in governance issues. He has co-authored two books involving environmental regulation of lending institutions and commercial risk management. Mr. Rohrman has authored numerous legal articles on environmental regulation and food and drug law. He was formerly Commissioner of the Illinois Food and Drug Commission in the 1970’s. He was a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Public Health Service and Counsel to the US Surgeon General at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 1966-69. He received an A.B. degree from Duke University in History and Comparative Literature and a J.D. from Northwestern University in 1966, where he was elected to the Northwestern University Law Review and served as Assoc. Editor from 1965-66. A coin collector sinnce he was a boy, he has avid interests in Roman imperial and provincial coins and has written a two-part article for The Celator on Faustina II, entitled “Mater Castrorum, the Coinage of Faustina the Younger” in July and August, 1999. A Life Associate, he became a Fellow in 2001, and has sat as Chairman of the ANS Advisory Committee from 2000-2003. The Advisory Committee, among other things, reconsidered the ANS Constitution and By-Laws and rewrote them into a modern, streamlined version for adoption by the Fellows. Doug lives with his wife Susan and three grown daughters in Kenilworth, Illinois.

Susan Gerwe Tripp — Class of 2005

Susan Gerwe Tripp is a member of Board of Trustees of the Columbia County Historical Society, having served as President for five years. She is currently the Board Secretary. The Society owns and administers three historic structures, including one National Landmark building. From 1974 to 1991 Mrs. Tripp was Curator, Keeper of the Coins and Director of University Collections at The Johns Hopkins University. She worked closely with the Garrett Collections (publishing their extensive collections of Japanese Works of Art [Dauphin Press, London, 1993]); spearheaded and oversaw the remarkable twelve year restoration of the National Landmark building, Homewood (built by Declaration of Independence signer Charles Carroll of Carrollton), which opened to international accolades in 1987; and later directed the restoration of the Garrett mansion Evergreen House. After leaving the University, Mrs. Tripp was Executive Director of Old Westbury Gardens. She has taught, lectured, and written extensively on Historic Restoration. Susan Tripp is a strong supporter of the ANS and, with her husband, David, was instrumental in arranging the donation of the Garrett numismatic archives to the Society. She has served on the Standing Library Committee for three years, and was elected as a Fellow of the Society in 2002.

Jane Merriam Cody — Class of 2004

Currently, Dr. Cody is the Associate Dean of Academic Programs in the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences at the University of Southern California, where previously she held the position of Senior Administrative Director and Chairman in the Department of Classics. Since 1989 Dr. Cody has been Assoc. Prof. Emerita. Previously she was an Adjunct Professor of Art History and Asst. Prof. in the Dept. of Classics. Dr. Cody has been an associate member of the Society since 1968 and was elected a Fellow in 1987. An ANS summer seminar student in 1965, she held an ANS dissertation fellowship in 1966-1967. Other academic awards and honors she has received include: Fellow, America Council of Learned Societies; Dart Award for Academic Innovation, Univ. of Southern CA; Fellowship and Scholarship, Department of Latin, Bryn Mawr College and Phi Beta Kappa. She has held several Editorial and Advisory positions including the Society’s Committee on Roman and Byzantine Coins (1976-1994), a panelist for the selection of Fulbright Fellowships in Classics and for the NEH selection of summer stipend holders, as well as a Reviewer for the American Journal of Ancient History and the American Journal of Philology. Among her numerous professional activities include serving as Chair of the Managing Committee, Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies and serving as a Financial Trustee on the Board of directors of the American Philological Association, as well as an ordinary member of the Finance committee and the Research Committee of that organization. She has also served as a gubernatorial appointee to the California Council on the Humanities, on the Los Angeles Library Foundation Board and the Board of the Los Angeles Children’s Museum. Dr. Cody has various papers and presentations on coins, the classics and philology to her credit and is the co-author of “Wealth of the Ancient World”, Kimball Art Museum, 1982.

Thomas A. Zdeblick — Class of 2004

Currently Dr. Thomas Zdeblick is Chairman and Professor at the University of Wisconsin, in the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery and the Department of Neurosurgery. He is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. Dr. Zdeblick did both his internship and his residency at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. He was the Allen Scholar Research Fellow at Microsurgery Research Laboratory. Following his residency, Dr. Zdeblick was a fellow at Johns Hopkins University in the Department of Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery, Division of Spine Reconstructive Surgery. He has received numerous awards during his schooling and residency as well as for his research and teaching skills including: the Myerson Award for “The Art and Skill of Doctor-patient Relationship,” The American Orthopedic Society North American Traveling Fellowship, The Cervical Spine Research Society Research Award and The Okagaki Resident Teaching Award. He lectures regularly at international meetings, has published over seventy papers in peer reviewed journals, authored three books, and contributed chapters to an additional sixteen books. Additionally, Dr. Zdeblick has been heavily involved with the design and development of several of today’s most advanced spinal instrumentation systems. Dr. Zdeblick’s is an active member of many professional organizations including the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, American Spinal Injury Association, and Orthopaedic Research Society. A member of the ANS since 2000, Dr. Zdeblick has been a Bronze Circle and Library contributor. He is collector of ancient Greek coins with a specific interest in coinage relating to Dionysos.

Sitting Trustees Confirmed Until 2006:

Kenneth Lewis Edlow

Born in Washington, D.C. in 1941. Son of Ellis Edlow, former general counsel of the ANA. Graduated from the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania in 1963. Moved to NYC and joined Bear Stearns & Co. in 1969. Became Corporate Secretary of Bear Stearns in 1987, a position still held. Joined the ANS in 1972, became a Councilor in 1993. Benefactor and contributor to the 140 William Street purchase. Served on a variety of ANS Committees and currently serves as Treasurer and Chairman of the Finance Committee. Collects U.S. coins. He also serves on the Board and Investment Committee of Temple Emanu-El of NYC. Married, two children. Lives in Manhattan.

Arthur Houghton

Born 1940. Educated at: Harvard College (BA 1963); Harvard University (MA 1982); the American University of Beirut (MA 1966). US Department of State, Foreign Service Officer (1966-1979); Associate Curator (1982-3), Acting Curator (1983-6), J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu CA; International Policy Analyst, US Government (White House) 1989-1995. Consultant, President Arthur Houghton Associates, 1995-present. ANS Associate 1963; Fellow 1967; Member of Council, 1975-present, President, 1995-99, Benefactor. Former or current member, committees on Greek Coins, Long Range Planning, Publications, Huntington Medal, Finance. A specialist in Seleucid coins. Author or editor of four books on numismatics, 40+ articles. Co-author (with Catharine Lorber) of Seleucid Coins: A Comprehensive Catalogue, Part I: Seleucus I – Antiochus III. Former or current board member of Corning Museum of Glass, American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Cyprus-American Archaeological Research Institute, Middle East Institute, American Near East Relief Association, Committee for Tyre. Former or current member of visiting committees to Harvard University (Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations), Boston Museum of Fine Arts (Department of Egyptian Art), and Metropolitan Museum of Art (Department of Islamic Art).

Donald G. Partrick

Born in Brooklyn, NY; ANS member 1969; Fellow 1987; Member of Council 1990-present; President 1999-present. Collector of early North American coinage, tokens and medals. Benefactor and contributor to the new ANS building at 140 William Street. Real estate investor. Long Island Builders Institute, Lifetime Director, Past President (twice) and Chairman of the Board. Served as member of Suffolk County Board of Health; Director of Suffolk County Executive’s Task Force for Affordable Housing; Director of the Suffolk County’s Executive’s Committee for New Business; Director of the Long Island Housing Coalition; Director of the Long Island Coalition for Sensible Growth; Commissioner on the Suffolk County Bicentennial Commission. Owner of 3,500 acre wildlife preserve. Author and lecturer on wildlife management.

James H. Schwartz

Born in New York City, James H. Schwartz was educated exclusively in Manhattan. An undergraduate at Columbia College, he obtained an M.D. at New York University School of Medicine, and a Ph.D. at the Rockefeller University. He became professor of Microbiology at the NYU School of Medicine, doing research in molecular biology and biochemistry. In 1967 he became interested in Neuroscience, and in 1975 moved to the Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons where he became professor of Physiology & Cellular Biophysics, of Neurology, and of Psychiatry in the Center for Neurobiology & Behavior. He continues to do research on the molecular basis of learning and memory and is a co-editor of one of the leading neurobiology textbooks, Principles of Neural Science, now approaching its fifth edition. An ANS member since 1971, he was made Fellow in 1981, Life Fellow in 1998 and was elected to the Council in 2000. His central interest is in ancient engraved gems and magical amulets (of which the Society has over 500 excellent examples). In numismatics he is primarily interested in the iconography of coins of the Roman period, especially of the mint of Alexandria, and also in coins of the late Roman period and Rome’s barbarian neighbors. He has published on early Vandalic coinage and on engraved gems in the ANS collection.

John Whitney Walter

Born in 1934, John is a specialist in early US coins, error coins and federal and national currency; in world numismatics, he specializes in ancient Greek, Roman imperial, English hammered and medieval siege coinage. An active philanthropist, in 1998, he donated to the Smithsonian’s National Numismatic Collection, the only known complete five coin type set of Greek coins by the Demareteion Master engraver. An active exhibitor at many ANA conventions, he has won three First Place and four People’s Choice awards for his exhibits of US coins and currency. He received a BS degree from Norwich University, and an MS from Columbia. John works in the construction industry, designing and implementing security, telephone, TV, audio, computer and building management systems. He joined the ANS in 1996, becoming a Councilor and Fellow in April 2000 and is also First VP of the ANS and Chairman of the Council’s Building Committee for the Society’s new Headquarters Building and is responsible for the implementation of the entire renovation project.

George U. Wyper

Born in 1955, Mr. Wyper is a collector of early American proofs and patterns. Educated at The Wharton School and Yale University, he has previously worked at The First Boston Corporation, was the Chief Investment Officer of Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, Senior Managing Director of Warburg Pincus Investment Management and is the Managing Partner of Wyper Partners. Mr. Wyper has been involved with ANS since 1995 and been a Councilor since 1997. He also manages a part of the ANS endowment portfolio.