News (Summer 2008)

Andrew Meadows Appointed Deputy Director of ANS

Andrew Meadows, who joined the ANS last year as Margaret Thompson Curator of Greek Coins, has been promoted to Deputy Director, a position newly created by the Trustees, who decided to distribute the administrative duties of the Executive Director, Dr. Ute Wartenberg Kagan. Mr. Meadows will oversee all operations of the ANS, including finances, budgeting, security, library, and publications, while Dr. Wartenberg Kagan will focus on exhibitions, programs, curatorial outreach, and development. With the move to the new location, the ANS is reviving its program of events. A regular schedule of exhibitions, lectures, conferences, and publications will be in place, including regular events outside New York City. “I am delighted that the Trustees agreed to this new position, which will allow me to focus on ANS programs, which are at the heart of the organization. Andy Meadows is a terrific scholar and administrator,” Dr. Wartenberg Kagan said. Meadows worked for twelve years as curator of Greek coins at the British Museum, during which time he also worked for the director’s office as museum-wide coordinator of curatorial research.

Andrew Meadows

Huntington Award Given to Two Ancient-World Scholars

The ANS has announced two winners of the prestigious Archer M. Huntington Medal in recognition of outstanding career contributions to numismatic scholarship. After the move of the ANS to its new headquarters this summer, Dr. Andrew Burnett, deputy director of the British Museum, will be awarded the 2006 award; Dr. François de Callataÿ will be the recipient of the 2007 award. Invitations for the two fall ceremonies will be sent to all members.

Andrew Burnett

Dr. Burnett has long been recognized as one of the leading scholars in the field of Roman numismatics. With Michel Amandry, he published the first two volumes of Roman Provincial Coinage, a comprehensive catalogue of coins of the Roman provinces from the first to the fourth centuries AD. The coins from this period are from a wide variety of cities throughout the Roman Empire, which were traditionally neglected by numismatists. Roman Provincial Coinage, of which four volumes have now appeared, has opened up this field to historians and numismatists. Other research areas to which he has made significant contributions are the coinages of the Roman Republic and western Greece and the history of numismatics. Dr. Burnett joined the British Museum in 1974 as a research assistant and has had a remarkable career combining academic research with museum administration, leading to his appointment in 2002 as the museum’s deputy director.

François de Callataÿ

Dr. de Callataÿ is one of the most distinguished numismatists of his generation. He is currently the head of special collections (including coins and medals) at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Brussels, Belgium, while also serving as Directeur d’études at the École pratique des Hautes Études in Paris. As author of over a hundred articles and a dozen books, his interests vary widely, ranging from the Hellenistic period of the ancient world to the late nineteenth-century medallic art of France and Belgium. Much beloved by his numismatic colleagues, he is a popular speaker at conferences around the world, and his ability to combine numismatic detail with economic history is widely admired. In 2007, he won the Franqui Prize, an award of 150,000 euros given to a scholar under the age of fifty. He is one of the few historians to have received this prestigious award, which is known as Belgium’s Nobel Prize.

The Huntington Committee’s Chairman, Professor Jere L. Bacharach, commented on the selection of these two outstanding scholars: “In the field of ancient numismatics, there is an embarrassment of riches. So many scholars deserve to be recognized. Both Dr. Burnett and Dr. de Callataÿ are exceptional scholars in the field of ancient history. The ANS is honored to add them to our distinguished list of numismatists.”

Sanford Saltus Award to Be Given to British Medalist Ron Dutton

The British artist and medalist Ron Dutton will receive in the spring of 2009 the Sanford Saltus Award for distinguished achievement in the field of the art of the medal. Ron Dutton began to make medals in the mid-1970s, at a time when few artists in the United Kingdom appreciated the possibilities that the medal had to offer as a medium. His early medals focused particularly on the English landscape and the animal world, both of which he treated with vision and wit. Since then his explorations into diverse areas have led to a constant renewal of his work, with the regular appearance of new themes, ideas, and techniques. His numerous commissions have been responsible for engaging a wide variety of organizations and individuals in the art of the medal, and his teaching has introduced the subject to students of all ages. With Mark Jones, he was instrumental in founding the British Art Medal Society in 1982, and he has been a driving force within the society for the last twenty-six years, serving as secretary for many years and then as president. He has contributed to FIDEM as UK vice delegate, delegate, and member of the executive committee, and he has been a valued contributor to medal symposia in numerous countries. He has been a leading member of the international medallic community for many years, and he is highly respected for the range and quality of his medals and for his infectious enthusiasm for medallic art.

Ron Dutton, “The Choice Is Ours” (2004) 64mm.

Opening Exhibition in New ANS Gallery

As its opening exhibition in its new gallery at 1 Hudson Square, the ANS will be hosting an exhibition in celebration of the one-hundredth anniversary of the New York Numismatic Club. Over two dozen members of the club will display their most interesting items from such diverse areas as the ancient Greek world, Renaissance medals, and American colonial coins. The exhibition will run from mid-October 2008 to early 2009. A small catalogue of the objects will accompany the display. The gallery will be open to the public weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on selected Saturdays and midweek evenings.

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