News (Summer 2004)

The First Summer Seminar at 96 Fulton

The 51st annual Summer Graduate Seminar commenced on June 1st amidst the final stages of the move and renovation of the 96 Fulton Street building. Thankfully, the two library floors were all but finished when the Seminar began so the students were able to study in relative peace as the frantic work continued on the floors below. By the time of the June 18th Grand Opening, the students had access to the coin collection and so missed barely a step in their studies. Heeding the advice of last year’s students, we extended the Seminar schedule this year by two weeks to allow more time and breathing space for the students to complete their projects. The extra weeks also allowed us to have more guest lecturers: these included Dr. Richard Stone of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA), who addressed issues of conservation and medals production; Dr. Stephen Scher, who spoke on the Renaissance coin collector and the rise of the portrait medal; Dr. Christopher Lightfoot, also of the MMA, who discussed the Roman and Byzantine coins he has excavated at the site of Amorium in Turkey; Prof. John Kroll from the University of Texas at Austin, who presented a paper on Hellenistic portrait coinage; Donald Scarinci, who introduced the students to 19th and 20th century medallic art; former ANS Trustee Rick Witschonke, who discussed cistaphoric coinage; and Prof. Roger Bagnall of Columbia University, who discussed papyri and numismatics. The students also benefited from their daily contact with our Visiting Scholar, Dr. Michel Amandry, the director of the Cabinet des Médailles at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, and from his talks on Roman provincial coinage, and Augustan and Tiberian coins from Africa (the latter was presented at the 1,147th consecutive meeting of the New York Numismatic Club, which graciously invited the students to attend and enjoy the views of Gotham from the Sky Club atop the Metlife building).

From left: Rick Witschonke, Peter van Alfen, Cristoph Rosenmuller, Lauren Jacobi, Lea Cline, Michel Amandry, Teresa Bernheimer, Nathan Elkins, Michael Bates, Matthew Harrington, Tracene Harvey, Sebastian Heath, Elena Stolyarik, Robert Hoge.

This year’s students and their projects were: Teresa Bernheimer from Oxford University (who unfortunately had to withdraw early to return to England); Lea Cline from the University of Texas at Austin, who worked on altar representations on the Augustan quadrantes of 5 BC; Nathan Elkins from the University of Missouri, who investigated the origins of architectural representation on Roman Republican coinage; Tracene Harvey from the University of Alberta, who studied the numismatic commemoration of the empress Livia on Roman coinage; Matthew Harrington from the University of Michigan, who examined the intersection of early 2nd century AD Roman literary culture and coinage; Lauren Jacobi from the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University, who sought to establish the social, political, and symbolic function of the Renaissance Zecca in Rome; Dr. Cristoph Rosenmuller, visiting professor at Brooklyn College, who studied the mint, money, and political machinations in early 18th century colonial Mexico.

Heath Attends Conference and Defends Dissertation

On May 19th Sebastian Heath participated in a workshop organized as part of the launch of the International Inscriptions of Aphrodisias (INSAPH) project. One goal of INSAPH is to make the inscriptions from the city available on the web. The discussion at the NYU workshop addressed strategies for doing this while integrating contextual material from the excavations that have been undertaken at Aphrodisias since the early 1960s. Professor Christopher Ratté hosted the event which was attended by specialists in humanities computing, epigraphy, and archaeologists from France, England, and the United States.

Dr. Heath will also be presenting the paper “The Characterization of Finewares on Late Roman Shipwrecks” at the Annual Meetings of the Archaeological Institute of America, which will be held in Boston in January 2005. Primarily focussing on shipwrecks off the coast of Southern Gaul, this paper is part of his continuing research into the cultural significance of ceramic imports into that region.

Finally, on June 21st in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dr. Heath successfully defended his dissertation “Imported Pottery and the Rural Consumer in Late Roman Mediterranean Gaul.”

Van Alfen’s Simple Souvenir Now Available

Peter van Alfen’s new book, A Simple Souvenir: Coins and Medals of the Olympic Games, is now available (; ANS members receive a 30% discount off the cover price). This richly illustrated catalogue of the current ANS Olympics exhibit at the Federal Reserve Bank, New York, explores the social and political function of Olympic numismatics. Van Alfen traces the history of Olympic numismatics from its ancient Greek origins to the 19th-century Olympic revival movements, encompassing not only the well-known IOC Olympics, but also the lesser known Olympics held in Athens before 1896 and in Much Wenlock, England, as well as the Socialist Olympic movements of the 1920s and 1930s. Illustrating over 120 objects, including ancient vases and sports equipment, early 20th century posters and other ephemera, in addition to the coins and medals, the book offers a unique perspective on the Olympics and its numismatic heritage.

Barbara Bonous-Smit Becomes Assistant Professor at CUNY

Barbara Bonous-Smit has served as the ANS Assistant Librarian for the past four years. She received her Ph.D. in 1996 from New York University and her M.L.S from Long Island University in 2000. Prior to coming to the ANS she worked at New York University Bobst Library as an Information and Media Assistant and as a cataloger.

Starting in September, 2004, Barbara will be working at City University of New York (CUNY), Queensborough Community College as an Assistant Professor in the Kurt R. Schuller Library. Her responsibilities will include providing bibliographic instruction and reference service to students and faculty; maintaining the periodicals (print and electronic), including collection development, ordering, accessioning and cataloging periodicals; and act as liaison between the Library and faculty of selected departments.

Barbara has been an outstanding member of the ANS staff and will be greatly missed says Dr. Ute Warternberg Kagan ANS Executive Director. However, she plans to assist the ANS as a volunteer to help with research for documents which can be delivered electronically (full-text articles, electronic books, bibliographies, dissertations, abstracts, etc.).

Trustees and Fellows for 2004 Nominations

Written notice will be sent to the Fellows of the Society in an Agenda for the upcoming Annual Meeting of the ANS to be held on Saturday, October 23, 2004 that: Pursuant to, Article V, Section 12 of the bylaws, the Nominating and Governance Committee nominated the following individuals for Trustee:

Dr. Lawrence A. Adams, of Studio City, CA, has been a members since 1982, a Fellow since 1997 and a Trustee since 2001. A dermatologic oncology surgeon, Dr. Adams is a CNG consultant on Greek and Islamic gold, as well as the publisher of the Journal of Ancient Numismatics. Dr. Adams serves on the Finance Committee and is a Platinum Circle contributor.

Mr. Charles C. Anderson, of Florence Alabama, has been a member since 1999, a life member since 2003, and a donor. He graduated from the University of North Alabama in 1956 with a B.S. in marketing. He entered the family business, Anderson News Company, from which four separate companies emerged: Anderson Media Corporation, Anderson Press Incorporated, American Promotional Events, Inc., and Books-A-Million, Inc. He is Chairman of the Executive Committee and on the Board of Directors of each company. In 1962, the family began a new business, importing and publishing numismatic and philatelic items, Anderson Press, which is lead by his son Harold, the Chairman and CEO. Its subsidiary, Whitman Publishing, is the largest numismatic and philatelic distributor in the US. Mr. Anderson is the former director of two banks, a member of a number of boards and is the former president of the Alabama Numismatic Association. He has founded other companies, nationally and abroad, has given to many charitable causes and civic projects including the Salvation Army, currently serving on their national advisory board. Mr. Anderson has been married since 1953 to the former Hilda Claire Barbour. They have four sons and eleven grandchildren.

Prof. Jere L. Bacharach, is a Professor in the Department of History, University of Washington, Seattle WA. He joined the Society in 1966, and became a fellow in 1981. Elected to the Board in 1993 he served until 2000. Currently the Chair of the Huntington Medal Committee, Professor Bacharach’s interests lie in medieval Middle Eastern Muslim political and economic history; monetary and numismatic history; Islamic art history including archaeology. He has edited and authored numerous scholarly books and articles, lectured at and organized conferences, and curated exhibitions. His professional activities both regional and national are extensive, serving on numerous committees and boards including, President of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) as well as President of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) 1999 and 2000.

Prof. Jane Merriam Cody, has been a member since 1968, a Fellow since 1987, and was elected to the Board in 2003. Currently, Prof. Cody is the Associate Dean of Academic Programs in the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences at the University of Southern California. An ANS summer seminar student in 1965, she held an ANS dissertation fellowship in 1966-1967. She is the recipient of numerous academic awards and honors, has held several editorial and advisory positions, served as a panelist on for the selection of Fulbright Fellowships in classics, NEH selection of summer stipend holders, as well as a Reviewer for the American Journal of Ancient History and the American Journal of Philology. Prof. Cody has served on several professional boards and committees as well as a gubernatorial appointee to the California Council on the Humanities. Prof. Cody has various papers and presentations on coins, the classics and philology to her credit.

Prof. Peter Gaspar, was born in Belgium, and raised in California. He earned his Ph.D. in chemistry at Yale University, and is a Professor of Chemistry at Washington University, in St. Louis, Missouri. Prof. Gaspar has been a member since 1970, a Fellow since 1975 and a Board member since 2000. A circle contributor, and conscientious donor, Prof. Gaspar serves on the Nominating and Governance Committee. He collects pennies of the Anglo-Saxon and Norman kings, has written on the evolution of coining and die-making techniques. He has lectured at past ANS Summer Graduate Seminars and delivered a Stack Memorial lecture. He is Corresponding Member of Council for the United States of America of the British Numismatic Society, and has conducted extensive research at the Royal Mint.

Mr. Daniel Hamelberg of Champaign, IL, has been a member since 1986 and a Life Fellow since 2002. An aficionado of rare American numismatic auction catalogues and literature, Mr. Hamelberg serves on the Library Committee, and is a major donor to the Francis D. Campbell Library Chair.

Prof. Kenneth W. Harl, was a 1975 Summer Seminar Student and joined the Society that same year. A Fellow since 1991, and a Trustee since 2001 he was also the 2001 Visiting Scholar of the ANS Graduate Seminar. Prof. Harl also serves on the Personnel Committee. Prof. Harl earned a Ph.D. from Yale University, and is currently a Professor of History at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. A donor to the Roman Provincial Coins Photography Project, he has written extensively about Roman provincial coins and in particular Asia Minor.

Mr. Reed Hawn of Austin, TX, has been a member since 1974, was elected to Fellow in 1981 and became a Life Fellow in 1982. An active participant in many civic and political arenas, he served on the Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee, and is also a breeder of Arabian horses. A Silver Circle and Gold Circle contributor, Mr. Hawn has been a dedicated donor to the Society.

Prof. John H. Kroll, born in Washington, DC, Prof. Kroll took his Ph.D. at Harvard in 1968. He attended the Society’s Graduate Seminar in 1963. A Fellow and Trustee of the ANS since 1984, Prof. Kroll currently holds the Office of Second Vice-President and serves on the Executive Committee. He is Professor of Classics at the University of Texas at Austin, and a contributor and author to a number of numismatic publications. He also served as Secretary of The American School of Classical Studies in Athens.

Mr. David B. Simpson, of Tenafly, NJ, is an attorney engaged in the private practice of law since 1964. He is a graduate of Cornell University and the Columbia University School of Law. A member since 1980, and a Fellow since 1999, he was elected to the Board in 2001. Mr. Simpson is a Circle Contributor, donor to the General Fund and the Francis D. Campbell Library Chair and he currently serves on the Finance and Building Committees. He is also active in the New York Numismatic Club, where he currently serves as President.

Dr. Thomas A. Zdeblick, of Middleton, WI, became a member in 2000. A Silver Circle contributor, Dr Zdeblick became a Fellow and was elected to the Board in 2003. He is Chairman and Professor at the University of Wisconsin, in the Division of Orthopedic Surgery and the Department of Neurosurgery. He is board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery. Among his professional accomplishments, Dr. Zdeblick was a fellow at Johns Hopkins University in the Department of Orthopaedics and Neurosurgery, Division of Spine Reconstructive Surgery. He has received numerous awards during his schooling and residency as well as for his research and teaching skills. He lectures regularly at international meetings, has published over seventy papers in peer reviewed journals, authored three books, and contributed chapters to an additional sixteen books. Additionally, Dr. Zdeblick has been heavily involved with the design and development of several of today’s most advanced spinal instrumentation systems. Dr. Zdeblick’s is an active member of many professional organizations including the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, American Spinal Injury Association, and Orthopaedic Research Society. He is collector of ancient Greek coins with a specific interest in coinage relating to Dionysos.

Nominations of Officers to the Society

  • President – Donald G. Partrick
  • First Vice President – John Whitney Walter
  • Second Vice President – John H. Kroll
  • Treasurer – Kenneth Lewis Edlow
  • Secretary – Ute Wartenberg Kagan

The Nominating and Governance Committee Also Nominates the Following Individuals to Serve as Fellows:

Mr. Victor England, of Lancaster, PA is the Senior Director of Classic Numismatic Group, Inc., (CNG). A member since 1986 and a Life member since 1995, Mr. England has been an advisor on coin purchases and is a major donor towards: Annual giving, special events, the Bass Computer Fund, the New Century Fund, etc., and a key advisor in our fundraising campaign. He is a graduate of the University of Denver with a B.A. in Economics. In 1986 he founded Classical Numismatic Auctions, which later became the cornerstone of CNG.

Mr. Jerome Haggerty, resides in Brooklyn, NY. A member since 2001, Mr. Haggerty has been a docent for the exhibits at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York since 2003. He is a Bronze Circle contributor and has given towards the Francis D. Campbell Library Chair.

Dr. David Menchel, a physician residing in Fresh Meadows, NY, has been a member since 1987 and a Life member since 1996. A Silver Circle contributor for years, he has also given towards the annual fund drives and the Islamic Chair Fund. Recently he lectured at the 2004 Stack Family COAC, presenting on “Betts Medals Not Included in his Canon.”

Mr. Normand Pepin, an upstanding member of the New York community, joined the Society in 1981. For several years Mr. Pepin has been a devoted volunteer in the Library. His assistance, commitment and support to the Library and its staff, before, during and after the relocation to lower Manhattan is unparalleled.

Dr. Stuart D. Sears resides in Longmeadow, MA and has been a member since 1987. He has a Ph.D. in Islamic History, and is a major organizer of Islamic subject conferences at the ANS as well as a donor of the Islamic Chair Fund. Recently his research has been on the monetary reforms of the caliph ‘Abd al-Malik b. Marwan via an ACLS/SSRC/NEH International and Area Studies Fellowship.

Mr. Lawrence R. Stack, of New York, NY. has been a member since 1977. A major supporter of the ANS, he has offered help with the fundraising campaign, has given to the Olympic exhibition and supports the recently named Stack Family COAC. Mr. Stack has been a key figure at Stack’s Rare Coin Galleries, since 1973. He has formed major collections of French Ecus, Five-Franc pieces and Ecus d’Or, has an in-depth collection of Celtic, Greek and Anglo-Saxon coins. He has a longtime interest in English Hammered coinage as well as US Colonial coins, US Gold and Type coinage.

Mr. David M. Sundman, President of Littleton Stamps and Coins, Inc., Littleton, NH, has been a member since 1984. A Silver Circle contributor for years he has donated towards Special Events, Annual giving and COAC. Mr. Sundman has been given the PNG Significant Contribution Award for his consumer protection work and in 2003 was the recipient of the ANA’s Medal of Merit Award.

Mr. Edward J. Waddell, Jr., has been a member since 1971 and a Life member since 1998. He is the president and chief operating officer of Edward J. Waddell, Ltd. of Frederick, MD, specializing in Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and early medieval coins. He has recently donated towards the Francis D. Campbell Library Chair.

2004 Candidate for an Honorary Life Fellow

Chester L. Krause, of Iola, WI, learned about coin and stamp collecting as a boy. After graduating Iola High School, he was drafted into the Army, serving as a mechanic and later assigned to protect General George S. Patton’s 3rd Army headquarters. In 1946 he returned to Iola to work as a carpenter, but in 1952 his interest in coin collecting led to publishing the Numismatic News. Although he has never been an ANS member, Mr. Krause has helped the ANS. He was one of the first to support the move downtown, and through Krause Publications has offered much assistance to our various operations. It is hard to overestimate the importance that Chet Krause has had on the numismatic community all over the world.

A list of the Nominees and short biographies can also be seen on the ANS website